Smart Messenger The Mailchimp Alternative With Added Benefits.

Choose Smart Messenger as an alternative to Mailchimp and get great functionality, a dedicated account manager, unlimited support, all at a competitive price.

When you begin using email marketing to reach your target customers, you need to find the platform that’s right for you. There are plenty of big-name choices out there – and for many people, Mailchimp is the most instantly recognisable brand. This US-based business has spent serious money on their marketing and their platform is a good one. So, why should you take the time to learn about an alternative to Mailchimp? Here are three critical areas where Smart Messenger has the edge.

1. Get a dedicated Account Manager

When you sign up to use an email marketing service, you’ll discover a platform with plenty of functionality. Choose Mailchimp and you’ll be expected to navigate this new terrain and learn about how to use it to your best advantage by yourself. A company as huge as Mailchimp can’t get personal with its customers, it would demand too much of a time and money investment. That’s where Smart Messenger is a great Mailchimp alternative. 

It doesn’t matter whether you sign up to a Lite, Standard or Pro package with us, you’ll get a dedicated Account Manager to help you. From day one, this Email Marketing expert will help you get to grips with the platform and offer advice along the way. There is no limit to how much help they’ll give you, so you can rely on them to be there whenever you need guidance.

2. A bespoke service for your business 

Our Smart Messenger experts make it their business to know your business. Having worked with customers in many different industries and with diverse email marketing goals, our team have plenty of experience you can draw on. They’ll take the time to get to know your business, what you are trying to achieve and will help you to succeed. 

Whereas, when you use Mailchimp, you are just one of a vast number of people using their platform. The help they offer is generic and you’ll never get the personal touch. Smart Messenger provides great functionality and has the added benefit of bespoke advice, which makes it an excellent alternative to Mailchimp.

3. Access UK-based phone support 

When you are trying to craft the perfect email marketing campaign, struggling to find the function you need or in need of a quick fix, it’s much easier to pick up the phone. Trying to explain it in a chat box or via email can be a long, arduous process, especially when there’s most likely a simple fix. If you can’t find the answer to your problem in Mailchimp’s help section, you can’t ring for help. Instead, you will be left trawling their help centre, trying to find the answers. 

You never need to do that when you are using Smart Messenger. Our team are UK-based and offer phone support during working hours. So, when that annoying niggle happens, you can get it sorted straight away. In fact, if you happen to be local or in Norwich, you can even pop into our offices if you want a quick chat over a cuppa and we’ll be happy to help. It’s all part of the Smart Messenger Email Marketing service we offer, and we are always there to make life easier for you. 

You won’t miss out by picking Smart Messenger over Mailchimp 

Now you know the top three reasons that Smart Messenger is an excellent alternative to Mailchimp, we want to reassure you that we’re also very similar. 

Smart Messenger’s price list is comparable to Mailchimp, and we have three plans for you to choose from. Our most affordable Lite platform for businesses starts at just £10 per month (plus VAT). This plan is an excellent place for businesses to start up their email marketing efforts and explore the benefits of reaching customers this way without breaking the budget. 

If you want more functionality, including automation, integrated Google Analytics and more custom fields, our Standard plan is just £20 per month (plus VAT). Like Mailchimp, the plan tiers offer you more features with every grade up, so you can decide what works best for you and just pay for extra email credits as and when you need them. There are no long-term commitments when it comes to sending credits, you only pay for what you send. 

Our Lite, Standard and Pro plans are all competitively priced, and when you add in the personalised service and advice we offer, they are a great Mailchimp alternative.  Remember, you’ll never get a real-life human being on the phone to help you navigate the Mailchimp platform, but Team Smart Messenger is ready to talk when you need them.

Like Mailchimp, we also offer real-time, comprehensive reporting with every package, so you can discover what’s working well and what you should change. By tracking engagement, you can learn what your customers are responding to and drive sales. You can also make your email campaigns personal by customising data fields on all three of our plans. 

With our Standard and Pro plans, you can use automation to create sales funnels and streamline your messaging, plus you can use Google Analytics to give you even more data to interrogate as you plan future campaigns.

Managed Campaigns

If you aren't confident or simply do not have time, aren't sure that email marketing will work for you or do not feel confident on your own, try our managed service. All you need to do is send us your content and contact list and we will do everything for you. After sending you will receive a full interaction report. Campaigns are just £149 each and you can move to our DIY service whenever you feel comfortable. 

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