UK Mailchimp Alternative With Added Benefits - Smart Messenger

Looking for a Mailchimp alternative? Try UK email marketing tool, Smart Messenger, for powerful features, a dedicated Account Manager and unlimited customer support, all at a competitive price.

In contrast to Mailchimp, Smart Messenger offers unlimited phone support to all subscription tiers.

Ideal Alternative to Mailchimp in the UK

When you begin using email marketing to reach your target customers, you need to find the platform that’s right for you. There are plenty of big-name choices out there and, for many people, Mailchimp is the most instantly recognisable brand. This US-based business has spent serious money on their marketing and their platform is a good one.

What is a Good Alternative to Mailchimp? 

When looking for an email marketing solution there are many compelling reasons to consider exploring Smart Messenger, the UK Mailchimp alternative. Here's why:

  • Personalised advice and support from your own Account Manager
  • Free one-to-one training and unlimited email campaign phone support from our expert team
  • Fully UK-based service for data compliance peace-of-mind
  • Choice of three professional email marketing plans from just £10 per month.

 Plan Pricing

Watch our short video, then keep reading to discover more about why Smart Messenger stands out as the ideal UK email marketing solution for organisations of all sizes. 



Why We're an Ideal Email Solution for UK Marketers

1. Get your very own dedicated Account Manager

When you sign up to use an email marketing service, you’ll discover a platform with plenty of functionality. Choose Mailchimp and you’ll be expected to navigate this new terrain and learn about how to use it to your best advantage by yourself. A company as huge as Mailchimp can’t provide that personal touch for its customers, it would demand too much of a time and money investment. That’s where Smart Messenger's email marketing tool is a great UK Mailchimp alternative. 

It doesn’t matter whether you sign up for a Lite, Standard or Pro email marketing account with us, you’ll get a dedicated Account Manager for customer support, as a constant contact point to help you. From day one, this email marketing expert will help you get to grips with our user-friendly Smart Messenger platform and offer advice along the way. There is no limit to how much help they’ll give you, so you can rely on them to be there whenever you need guidance.

Why not take a peek at some of our team members so you can see who we are, find out about our specialisms and connect on LinkedIn too, if you wish?


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2. A bespoke service for your business 

Our Smart Messenger experts make it their business to know your business. Having worked with customers in many different industries and with diverse email marketing goals, our team have plenty of experience you can draw on. They’ll take the time to get to know your business, what you are trying to achieve and will help you to succeed. 

In contrast, when you use Mailchimp, you are just one of a vast number of people using their platform. The help they offer is generic and you’ll never receive a comparable level of personal service. Smart Messenger provides great functionality and has the added benefit of bespoke advice, which makes it an excellent alternative to Mailchimp.

To get started, you may wish to use our Bespoke Template service. Bespoke Templates are created by our in-house designer and will complement your brand perfectly. They only cost £149+VAT. Alternatively, for the full deal, choose our Email Starter Package at just £169+VAT and we'll also design a newsletter sign-up form for you!

Bespoke Services

3. Access UK-based phone support 

When you are trying to craft the perfect email marketing campaign, struggling to find the function you need or in need of a quick fix, it’s much easier to pick up the phone. Trying to explain it in a chat box or via email can be a long, arduous process, especially when there’s most likely a simple fix. If you can’t find the answer to your problem in Mailchimp’s help section, you can’t ring your account manager for help. Instead, you may be left trawling their help centre, trying to find the answers. 

You never need to do that when you are using Smart Messenger. Our team are UK-based and offer phone support during working hours. So, when that annoying niggle happens, you can get it sorted straight away.

Or maybe you'd like some guidance on getting the most from Smart Messenger. From advice on how to use social sharing to maximise the reach of your campaigns via social media, to providing practical tips on segmenting your data, we're here to help. In fact, if you happen to be local or in Norwich, you can even pop into our offices if you want a quick chat over a cuppa and we’ll be delighted to see you.

It’s all part of the Smart Messenger Email Marketing service we offer, and we are always there to make life easier for you. 

Superior Support

You won’t miss out by picking Smart Messenger over Mailchimp 

Now you know the top three reasons that Smart Messenger is one of the best alternatives to Mailchimp, we want to reassure you that we’re also very similar. 

Smart Messenger’s price list is comparable to Mailchimp, and we have three plans for you to choose from. Our most affordable Lite platform for businesses starts at just £10 per month (plus VAT). This plan is an excellent place for small businesses to start up their email marketing efforts and explore the benefits of reaching customers this way without breaking the budget. Not only can you store an unlimited number contacts in your account without penalty, there are lots of other features you will love too. 

If you want more advanced features and functionality, including advanced automation features, advanced segmentation, split testing, integrated Google Analytics, more custom fields, drag-and-drop template building, landing page builder, and custom drag-and-drop form builder, our Pro plan is just £30 per month (plus VAT). Like Mailchimp, the plan tiers offer you more features with every step up, so you can decide what works best for you and just pay for extra email credits as and when you need them, so you will not see the words, as you do on Mailchimp, not enough credits. With Smart Messenger, there are no long-term commitments when it comes to your sending credits, you only pay for what you send.

Our Lite, Standard and Pro plans are all competitively priced, and when you add in the personalised service and advice we offer, they are a great UK Mailchimp alternative.  Remember, it's not easy to get a real-life human being on the phone to help you navigate the Mailchimp platform, but our friendly Smart Messenger team are ready to talk when you need them.

Like Mailchimp, we also offer real-time, comprehensive reporting with every package, with features including campaign comparison tools so you can discover what’s working well and what you should change. By tracking engagement, you can learn what your customers are responding to and drive sales. You can also make your email campaigns personal by customising data fields on all three of our plans. 

With our premium plans, Standard and Pro plans, you can use automation to create sales funnels and streamline your messaging, plus you can use the Google Analytics integration to obtain even more data to interrogate as you plan future campaigns.

Compare Plans

Email Starter Package

At Smart Messenger, we're committed to providing tailored support to every client and our Email Marketing Starter Package is designed to kickstart your journey to email marketing success. Whether you're new to email marketing, switching from Mailchimp or another provider, or simply looking to enhance your current strategies, our package is the perfect solution.

For just £169 +VAT, you'll receive:

  • A custom-designed email template crafted to your specifications, ensuring your emails stand out and resonate with your audience.
  • A bespoke newsletter sign-up form to help you expand your contact list and reach more potential customers.

And that's not all. When you choose Smart Messenger, you'll also benefit from:

  • A personalised onboarding session for you and your team (via video call, or in person if you're local!)
  • A dedicated account manager who will guide you every step of the way and help ensure your campaigns are a success.
  • Unlimited phone support from our team of friendly email marketing experts, so you never have to tackle challenges alone.

The Email Starter Package has been designed to perfectly complement our Lite, Standard and Pro plans, helping you to get the most from your campaigns, whichever stage you are at in your email marketing journey. 

Email Starter Package

Managed Campaigns

If you aren't confident or simply do not have time; aren't sure that email marketing will work for you or do not feel confident on your own; try our managed service. All you need to do is send us your content and contact email list and we will do everything for you. After sending you will receive a full interaction report. Campaigns are just £149 each and you can choose move to our DIY service whenever you feel comfortable. 

We take our data protection responsibilities seriously and you can rest assured that your data is safe with us. All our practices align with the UK Data Protection Act 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and we have trained and accredited data protection staff in-house. If you have any questions about data protection or security, you can ask our experts at any time.

Our friendly team are on hand to advise you about campaign content and structure too. We see all kinds of email campaigns and know how successful they are. Just pick up the phone and have a chat with us about your business and what you are looking to achieve and we will help you.

Let's Talk

Training Workshops

As part of our comprehensive range of services, we offer interactive and practical half-day email marketing courses tailored to equip you with the expertise needed to excel with your campaigns and drive results for your organisation. Watch our video to find out more:


 Course Details & Booking Info

Find Out More

If you’d like a demo from the Smart Messenger team and guidance on how to make email marketing work for you, please get in touch on 01603 858250 or email us

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Easy-to-use Email Marketing

Smart Messenger's drag-and-drop template editor and landing page builder make it easy for businesses to create professional-looking emails and landing pages without any coding knowledge. With a variety of design tools and a bespoke template building service, businesses can create visually appealing emails that are optimised for desktop and mobile devices, ensuring that your messages reach your subscribers wherever they are.

How to Use Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is an email marketing tool, used by businesses across the world to communicate with their customers via email. What most people don’t realise is that there are some good mailchimp alternatives available with the same or even better functionality, service and a personal level of customer support. 

Email marketing software doesn’t have to be Mailchimp! 

Benefits of Mailchimp?

Mailchimp Benefits:

  • There's a DIY free option for when you get started
  • Automated processes to guide customers through the journey and connect platforms.
  • 24/7 customer support in the form of chatbots and forums
  • Generic email templates

Smart Messenger Benefits:

Three plans to choose from, starting at just £10 per month

  • DIY and managed email marketing options
  • UK based, which means we’re bound by GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act 2018
  • Bespoke customer service from a dedicated Account Manager who provides tailored advice as they know you and your business
  • Smart automation features that allow you to automate email marketing campaigns and onboarding processes, creating a smooth customer journey
  • Eye-catching, bespoke email templates created specifically for your  organisation by our in-house designers
  • In-house Data Protection experts who you can speak to for advice.  

Alternatives to Mailchimp?

Smart Messenger is the ideal UK alternative to Mailchimp, Moosend and other services such as Constant Contact. Our email marketing tool works in an intuitive and user-friendly way. Our plans start from £10 to £30 a month and offer unlimited contacts, custom data fields, real-time reports, a dedicated Account Manager, unlimited support, automation, workflows, google analytics integration, drag & drop form builder and landing page builder.

Smart Messenger is a great email marketing platform for both small and larger senders alike. You can keep it simple and use your Account Manager to help you get the most from your campaigns. Or you can create advanced segmentation, detailed automated user journeys, carry out split testing to improve targeting and more - all with the support of your dedicated Account Manager!

Is Mailchimp Easy to learn?

Despite being the largest email marketing tool available, Mailchimp can be tricky to master. You have to teach yourself with limited support such as chatbots, live chat and forums, this results in a significant upfront time investment that’s reset every time they update the platform. With Smart Messenger, your Account Manager provides full training and support so you can be up and running in no time. We’re also on hand to provide customer support and best practice guidance whenever you need it - just a phone call or an email away! 

How is Mailchimp Customer Support?

Speaking of customer support, Mailchimp mainly provides answers via email which can take time and is not personalised. At Smart Messenger your Account Manager is just a phone call away to talk you through any issues you might be facing. If you prefer email we will get back quickly with a personalised answer. 

Is Mailchimp Free?

Yes, for a very basic plan is, but not all good things are free! While Mailchimp does offer a free plan it has limited functionality and support and means there will be Mailchimp branding at the bottom of every email you send. It is also limited in the amount of emails you can send, so you may find that Mailchimp does not offer enough credits for you to stay on the free plan. Although Smart Messenger doesn’t offer a free plan, our prices start at an affordable £10 a month and our solution offers significant advantages and functionality compared with Mailchimp’s paid plans. The main two being a dedicated Account Manager and unlimited contacts!  You will never have to see the words 'Mailchimp not enough credits' again. 

How Much Does Mailchimp Cost?

Mailchimp's pricing for email marketing services varies depending on the number of subscribers and the features required by the user. In contrast, Smart Messenger offers a simpler, more transparent pricing model, plus exceptional personalised support across all subscription tiers.

Mailchimp Pricing

Mailchimp calculates its monthly fees on a sliding scale based on the number of contacts and the volume of emails you wish to send. The price of your plan is determined by your maximum contact count, which includes subscribed, unsubscribed, and inactive contacts. Your monthly bill and sending limit are based on the number of contacts within your selected pricing tier.

Mailchimp's free plan offers basic features and supports up to 500 contacts. For users with more than 500 contacts, the Essentials, Standard, and Premium plans provide enhanced features. However, even if your active contacts are fewer than your inactive ones, you will still be billed according to the pricing tier that includes your total contact count. In addition, there are overage fees for exceeding the contact or monthly email sending limits.

It’s important to note that telephone support and personalised onboarding are only available with Mailchimp’s most expensive plans.

Transparent Pricing With Smart Messenger

Smart Messenger offers straightforward pricing that's easy to understand using our pricing calculator. Unlike Mailchimp pricing, ours is based on the number of emails you send, not the number of contacts you store. This means you can manage unlimited contacts, including inactive ones and unsubscribes, without worrying about additional charges. While maintaining list hygiene is essential, our global suppression list ensures you won't accidentally contact unsubscribed individuals who have opted out. Once someone unsubscribes, our system automatically prevents any further emails to them, removing that concern entirely! This structure means that Smart Messenger is often a cheaper alternative to mailchimp.

Starting from just £10/month, all Smart Messenger plans include personalised onboarding, a dedicated Account Manager and unlimited phone support. We are dedicated to providing exceptional support to all our clients, setting us apart in the industry.

In summary, while Mailchimp offers a choice of various tiers and features, its pricing structure is more complex and support is only available with the more costly plans. Smart Messenger provides a clear and personalised alternative, tailored for organisations seeking UK-based service, unlimited support and transparent pricing.

Is Mailchimp a Good Choice?

Overall, there are several reasons why choosing Mailchimp has its drawbacks. The support you get, even on a paid plan, is mainly via email and chatbots and you could be passed from pillar to post to have an enquiry answered. With Smart Messenger, your Account Manager gets to know you on a personal level and is available on the telephone or via direct email to support you with any issues, so you only have one point of contact. 

Another issue is privacy. Mailchimp is based in the US which means your data and, by extension, that of your customers, is held there. Privacy Shield was recently ruled as invalid by the EU Court of Justice which created a need for a new way to protect EU and UK citizens’ data that’s held in the US. Smart Messenger is a UK based company which means we’re bound by UK and EU privacy laws. Our in-house data practitioners ensure we’re always staying compliant, helping you stay compliant too! We’re always happy to answer any data protection or privacy-related questions you may have.

Choose Smart Messenger

There’s no extra charge for our help - ever!

The Smart Messenger digital marketing platform is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. However, if you ever get stuck, you can rely on our ‘Just Call Us’ support or drop us an email. There’s no slogging through help forums or negotiating with chatbots here. Pick up the phone or email us and you’ll get through to a friendly expert who is happy to help straight away.

When you sign up, you’ll get a dedicated Account Manager to look after you. They’ll get to know you and your business so they can provide bespoke advice and help you achieve your goals. By giving you first-class support and personalised guidance, our aim is support your business for the long-term.

Meet our Team

Customer satisfaction is our priority

Our internet marketing service team is knowledgeable and dedicated to providing the best service possible, and we’re ready to help you take your email marketing to the next level. By providing both DIY and managed services, we give customers the choice to work in a way that suits them best. No matter what path you take, you can rely on our friendly team to be at the end of the phone whenever you need us.

Effortlessly Create Compelling Campaigns

Smart Messenger's email creation tool is drag-and-drop, which makes creating templates a breeze. We can get you started straight away, as we are confident you will be able to find your way around very quickly. However, your dedicated Account Manager will also organise an initial training session to ensure you know where everything is and how to use Smart Messenger to its full potential. They will also be on hand to help you at anytime with queries, questions and general advice.

Email Pricing Plans

Email Marketing Guide

We make it our mission to help our clients succeed with their email marketing. As well as providing account managed support for every customer with a dedicated point of contact at Smart Messenger, all members of our team are happy to pitch in to assist clients as required. We create helpful blogs and materials to assist marketers with their email campaigns, including our Email Marketing Guide, which contains comprehensive guidance on the dos and don'ts for this powerful channel, such as a helpful pre-send checklist. Why not take a look at the guide now and discover ways to supercharge your campaigns?

View Guide

Top UK Mailchimp Alternatives

While Mailchimp has been a popular email marketing platform for many years, there are now a growing number of alternatives available to businesses. With so many options, it can be challenging to know which one is the right choice for your needs. Naturally, Smart Messenger is our top recommendation for businesses looking for the best alternative to Mailchimp, although there are other contenders in the market. Each of these alternatives offers unique features and benefits that can help businesses create successful email marketing campaigns.

While Mailchimp may be a well-established player in the email marketing market, Smart Messenger offers a number of advantages that make it a compelling alternative for businesses of all sizes. With its personal touch, UK-based phone support, advanced segmentation and personalisation options, drag-and-drop template editor, transparent pricing, and excellent customer support, Smart Messenger is a platform that can help businesses achieve their email marketing goals and stand out in a crowded market.

Why Smart Messenger is the Top Choice for so many UK Email Marketers

Of all the Mailchimp alternatives, we believe Smart Messenger is the best email marketing solution choice for UK businesses. Here's why:

  1. Dedicated account manager: Smart Messenger provides each client with a dedicated account manager who is available to provide comprehensive initial training to help you get started with the platform and to provide ongoing support whenever you need it. This personal touch is especially important for businesses that are new to email marketing and need extra guidance.
  2. Bespoke services: Unlike Mailchimp, which provides generic advice and support, Smart Messenger's experts take the time to understand your business and provide advice based on your specific needs. This tailored approach means that you get the most out of the platform, and your email campaigns are more effective at engaging your audience.
  3. UK-based phone support: Smart Messenger provides UK-based phone support during working hours, which means you can easily get in touch with a real person when you need help, rather than trying to navigate your way through help centres, negotiate with chatbots or having to wait for an email response.
  4. Advanced segmentation and personalisation: Smart Messenger allows you to segment your subscribers based on specific criteria, such as their interests or location, enabling you to create targeted campaigns that are more relevant to your subscribers. Additionally, Smart Messenger allows you to personalise your emails with dynamic content, so each subscriber sees content that is tailored to their specific interests or behaviour.
  5. Drag-and-drop template creator/editor: Smart Messenger's drag-and-drop email template editor is a powerful tool that enables you to create beautiful and engaging emails without any coding knowledge. With the editor, you can easily add images, videos, buttons, and other elements to your emails, and then preview them to ensure they look great on desktop and mobile devices.
  6. Forms and landing page builder: Smart Messenger's forms and landing page builder is another useful feature that enables you to create custom landing pages for your email campaigns. Landing pages are an effective way to drive conversions by providing a targeted, focused message that encourages visitors to take a specific action, such as filling out a form to subscribe to a newsletter, for example.
  7. Transparent pricing: Smart Messenger's email marketing costs compares very favourably with Mailchimp and other competitors, and the platform offers a range of pricing plans to suit businesses of all sizes and budgets, with no long-term commitments or hidden fees.
  8. Excellent customer support: Smart Messenger's customer support is second to none, with a friendly and responsive team of email experts always on hand to help clients if they have a query, from getting started to advanced features.

Switching From Mailchimp?

While Mailchimp is undoubtedly one of the most popular email marketing platforms available, it may not be the best fit for every business – especially those marketers who would like responsive, personalised support from real people. Smart Messenger, on the other hand, offers a powerful and cost-effective alternative for UK businesses looking to take their email marketing efforts to the next level.

With its dedicated account managers, bespoke service, UK-based phone support, advanced segmentation and personalisation capabilities, drag-and-drop email template editor, landing page builder, transparent pricing, and excellent customer support, Smart Messenger is an ideal alternative to Mailchimp for businesses that want a more effective and tailored approach to their email marketing campaigns.

So, if you're looking for a UK-based email marketing platform that can provide a professional, fully featured email marketing solution with a superior level of personal support to Mailchimp, without the high costs or generic advice, Smart Messenger is the perfect choice.

Let's Talk

Customer Success Stories

We believe Smart Messenger is the best Mailchimp alternative in the UK, but let's hear from those who've experienced our platform and service firsthand. These insights illustrate how different organisations use Smart Messenger to streamline operations, improve communication, and achieve success in their fields.

The leading UK event photography specialist, Takethatphoto, was looking for an integrated email solution to support their photoshoot booking system. They wanted to be able to send confirmation emails that reflected their professional brand, rather than the standard text-only messages that came as standard with their booking software. Takethatphoto explored integration options with platforms like Mailchimp, Active Campaign, and SendGrid. However, they found it difficult to integrate these platforms with the booking system and inadequate support from the respective firms made progress impossible. Looking for a Mailchimp alternative, they contacted Smart Messenger and found an expert partner able to address their needs. 

Paul Felton from Takethatphoto explains: ""Smart Messenger provided a solution where others couldn’t. It wasn’t an easy fix and I’m grateful for the dedication they invested in achieving our desired outcome. Their support is superb and having them readily available by phone whenever we need assistance is really valuable to us.”

Virtual Assistant's Success with Smart Messenger
The standout advantage of Smart Messenger for Clair Abrey, of Sterling Virtual Assistant Services, is our ‘Just Call Us’ support service. In contrast to platforms such as Mailchimp, which often require expensive premium plans for similar assistance, Smart Messenger's Norwich-based team offers unlimited phone support to all its clients. 

Clair explains: "I recommend Smart Messenger to anyone requiring a powerful email marketing system with unlimited, expert phone support from real people!"

Smart Messenger's Impact at Clapham & Collinge Solicitors
Before using Smart Messenger, Clapham & Collinge's marketing executive found building and formatting emails on previous email platforms a time-intensive task, making it more difficult to send out regular updates. The switch to Smart Messenger has streamlined the email creation process. Smart Messenger's easy-to-use email creation tools, powerful features and excellent customer support have made it an essential tool for the firm, helping them to achieve their email marketing goals and strengthen client relationships.

"Smart Messenger makes building emails a very quick and simple process, allowing us to send more regular updates to our clients." - Clapham & Collinge Solicitors

Enhancing Day Surgery Support with Smart Messenger
The British Association of Day Surgery (BADS) streamlines member services with Smart Messenger's services. This allows them to focus on their core mission of promoting excellence and education in day surgery, while ensuring an effortless membership process for their members.

"Smart Messenger's integrated web forms and automated workflows have significantly streamlined our membership processes." - David Bunting, President, BADS

Leveraging Customer Data To Drive Ticket Sales
Smart Messenger's professional, user-friendly capabilities, combined with expert support from the team, have empowered Cheeky Promotions to engage customers more effectively, boost response rates, and encourage repeat businessThe firm's founder, Avi Nandwani, discovered Smart Messenger while searching for a British alternative to Mailchimp.

“Smart Messenger appealed because they’re UK-based email marketing provider and offer unlimited phone support, which I knew would be useful to help me get started with my email marketing." - Avi Nandwani, Founder, Cheeky Promotions 

Curlyworm Creative's Trusted Platform for Email Marketing
Before adopting Smart Messenger for her business, Jordan of Curlyworm Creative tried other email marketing platforms, including Mailchimp. However, she found them less intuitive and the lack of easily accessible, personalised support was a major disadvantage. 

"The Smart Messenger system is brilliant. It has the professional features I require and it's simple to use and easy to navigate." - Jordan Domin-Goddard, Curlyworm Creative

Streamlining Membership & Boosting Engagement with Smart Messenger
Before using Smart Messenger, Addiction Professionals encountered challenges in managing membership renewals and effectively communicating important updates and events to their members. By leveraging Smart Messenger's automation, personalisation, and reporting features, Addiction Professionals has streamlined their processes, improved member engagement, and achieved time savings for their administrative team. 

"I highly recommend Smart Messenger to any organisation seeking a UK-based email marketing platform." - Kate Halliday, Executive Director, Addiction Professionals

Centralised Email Campaigns With A Personal Touch at TaxAssist HQ
Smart Messenger serves as an effective marketing communications platform to provide centralised email campaigns across TaxAssist's national network of accountants. It enables them to present consistent messaging and branding when delivering campaigns across their whole network. These emails are personalised to each recipient and their local TaxAssist accountancy service.

"Smart Messenger is the only email marketing platform we’ve come across that is able to handle the complexity of our campaign needs." - Danielle Fish, Marketing Manager, TaxAssist

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