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Test our fully featured platform with easy integration options

With a 98% open rate, text messages are becoming incredibly popular among businesses serious about connecting with their customers. Our platform requires no software, so you can simply log in and start sending texts within minutes.


Simple SMS marketing integration with your systems

Want to integrate your CRM or other software with your text message marketing? Our API offers the tools you need to connect and set up automated text delivery. If you need any help, our friendly, knowledgeable team will be there to answer any questions as and when they come up.

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Powerful Text Creation Tools That Help You Stand Out

Our easy editor gives you multiple options to create content-rich campaigns

Take advantage of widespread Smartphone use by creating texts that contain rich visual content, trackable links and personalised information. Our editor is easy-to-use, helps you create content and offers you 918 characters to play with for every single text. That’s a considerable amount more than the 160 SMS character norm.


Send documents, videos and audio as part of your text

If you’ve got a brochure, price list, fantastic imagery, audio or visual content to include, you can simply attach it to your text. It’s straightforward to send attachments and find out how many recipients clicked on them. Our reporting service will give you the insights you need.

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Scheduling & Staggered Delivery

Reach your customers at the optimum time for them – and you

You can create and send your text campaigns at any time you like. Special offers or large batch deliveries can also be staggered so you can control the speed of delivery. You can select the start and end time, plus a sending interval, and we’ll batch the messages into manageable amounts and deliver them.


Assign sender identities for different messages to boost your branding

You can decide who your customer sees as the text message sender and vary it between company name, brand name or even a team member’s name. You can simply select whatever is most appropriate for every type of message you send.

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Scheduling & Staggered Delivery
Reply Management

Reply Management

You can be sure that you’ll never miss a message

Thanks to Smart Messenger’s auto-forwarding function, you can receive replies to the destination of your choice immediately - whether that’s mobile numbers, email addresses, a contact group, URL or another online application. By never missing a message, you can ensure continuity for your business.


Programme automatic responses via Smart Messenger

Set up an auto-response for inbound messages that deliver links to online content including your website, blogs, articles or videos. You can also add documents, PDFs and other attachments too. Our reporting will show you who clicked what and the content with the best engagement results.

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Full Reporting Gives You Critical Insights

You can drill down into the results of your text campaigns

Our comprehensive facilities enable you to see detailed reporting on deliveries, opt-outs and will also track the link and attachment clicks. Use these valuable insights to tailor your messages going forward or even to influence your other marketing streams, such as email marketing.


Full reporting on landing pages and downloadable survey results

Discover the performance of your mobile landing pages to discover whether your communications strategy is working. Our reports track clicks on weblinks and deliver a comprehensive picture of customer engagement. You can also view and export results of any surveys you conduct.

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Full Reporting Gives You Critical Insights
Create Bespoke Landing Pages

Create Bespoke Landing Pages

Make sure your web destination looks great on mobile

It’s easy to create a great-looking, mobile-friendly landing page on the Smart Messenger platform. You can add logos, colours, images and written content that will maintain brand consistency. Personalise it by adding information such as a customer name, email or order number.


You don’t need to pay a developer to create it 

Save yourself the expense of paying a developer to build the page by using Smart Messenger’s mobile page builder. It’s specifically designed for mobile phone screens, so you can be sure what you create will render correctly and look great on your customers’ phone.

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Send Out Your Forms & Surveys

Gather the customer insight that helps shape your thinking 

You can ask your recipients any questions you want using our multi-page form and survey functions. They go out as a clickable link in your text and include the data collection fields you require – such as tick boxes and radio performance for market research, and star ratings for customer or employee feedback. Your customers can also use time and date pickers to make appointments or bookings while they are on the move.


Affordable, accessible and convenient solutions 

Mobile surveys and forms are an affordable and convenient way to reach your customers, with a proven high response rate. The reporting functions in our online platform allows you to view and export your results, so your data is always accessible. You don’t need any developer skills to create them, simply configure your survey within our online platform. 

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Send Out Your Forms & Surveys
Stringent Data Protection & Security

Stringent Data Protection & Security

We’ll help you fulfil your data obligations

You must adhere to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) if you are handling customer data. You can rest assured that our service is in-line with GDPR and you’ll receive documentation to confirm it. In addition, our expert team are on hand to answer any questions about your data protection responsibilities.

Get a data-sharing agreement – and extra guidance

When you sign up to our service, we’ll provide you with a bespoke data sharing agreement tailored to your specific needs. In that agreement, we’ll establish that a proper Data Controller/Processor relationship exists between us, as required by GDPR. In addition, we’ve designed templates for both an text marketing Data Processing Record and a Data Privacy Impact Assessment, which you can use to provide extra reassurance to your customers.

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