How to Drive Business With Smart Messenger's Form & Landing Page Builder

Discover how Smart Messenger's Forms and Landing Page Builder can help your business grow, with easy-to-use tools and seamless email marketing integration.

Sapphire Cullington - account manager at Smart Messenger - explains how to use the platform's Forms and Landing Page Builder tools to improve engagement and drive business.

Video: Drive Business With Forms & Landing Pages

Create a great first impression

Smart Messenger is a powerful marketing platform for creating, managing and sending professional email campaigns, but it can also help you grow your business and get closer to customers with its easy-to-use Landing Pages and Forms Builder tools which allow you to:

  • Create a great first impression with easy-to-build, standalone landing pages, with no need for website updates or developer support
  • Build forms to collect data and grow your email lists using a simple drag-and-drop editor
  • Highlight your key selling points
  • Turn traffic into leads
  • Send automated emails after form submission

Smart Messenger’s cost-effective, UK-based service comes with the added reassurance that all your data remains safely within the UK at all times. Free training is included and you are fully supported by a dedicated account manager to help with any ongoing queries. This means that when you're ready to create a landing page or form, our team is always on hand to support you.

Powerful key features

The Forms and Landing Page Builder tools in Smart Messenger allow you to start building engaging, custom landing pages and web forms that drive leads, grow your database and help you develop stronger relationships with your prospects and clients.

Here are some of the platform’s key features and benefits:

  • Getting started is quick and easy - thanks to the intuitive form-builder tools and user-friendly drag-and-drop editors
  • Ready-to-use, customisable form and landing page templates are included - or you can build your own on-brand designs from scratch
  • Forms can be easily embedded on your website for a great user experience
  • Landing page functionality - allows you to create high-converting, standalone web pages and forms that highlight what’s important about your proposition
  • Maximise your reach - links to your forms or landing pages are shareable on social networks, ads, emails and text messages
  • Get the most value from your creation - seamlessly integrate your form or landing page with automated Smart Messenger email campaigns

Effortlessly Create High Converting Landing Pages And Forms

The beauty of the Smart Messenger system is its simplicity.

The system contains all the tools you need to create beautiful landing pages and data capture forms featuring your logos, colour schemes, images and copy. The simple drag-and-drop editor is quick and easy to use so you can create and build what you need without going to the trouble or expense of employing a developer to do this for you. There is also a suite of ready-made templates that you can use as they are or customise to make them your own.

Once you've created your form, simply add the code to your website (we can show you how) and it will be online, ready to start collecting data - whether you're using it to capture enquiries, competition entries, customer feedback, newsletter signups and demo requests, or for any other application where you need to collect information in a smart and professional format.

When you create a design using the landing page builder, you will publish the page from within Smart Messenger and it will be instantly ready to receive traffic generated by your email marketing, social ads or other marketing activity that contains the link to your landing page. If you are interested in A/B testing - also known as split testing -  you can create two versions of your landing page and compare their performance by running split test adverts on social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook, for example.

It's easy to get started with Smart Messenger and provide your visitors with the best user experience, thanks to that platform's intuitive and versatile drag-and-drop tools that help you optimise landing pages and forms, so you can enjoy getting creative for your business with minimum fuss. But, if the idea of creating your own forms and pages leaves you cold, we also offer a bespoke template service from £149, so you can make a trouble free plan to improve engagement.

Capture the data you need with professional forms and landing pages

There are many reasons why you might want to use the forms and landing page builder to support your business. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Increase your email subscriber list with a simple data capture form
  • Provide a quick and easy way for people to request brochures, white papers or other useful resources
  • Get prospects into your sales funnel with a highly targeted landing page or embedded web form and follow up with an automated email campaign to improve conversions and drive business
  • Encourage demo or call-back requests with a professional landing page that incorporates an easy registration form
  • Create specific landing pages for different audiences or product offerings, each with a very precise call to action based on the audience profile, using the embedded form to capture the required data
  • Provide visitors with a simple way to register for a trial or consultation
  • Gather opinions with a bespoke feedback form
  • Manage competition entries via a simple entry form

Save time and streamline your marketing with automated follow-up tools

The data collected through your web forms and landing pages is securely stored in your Smart Messenger database ready for you to use in the way you specified when creating the data capture form. It's worth mentioning again that, with Smart Messenger, your data always remains in the UK, which is an important data protection consideration for many businesses.

The system can be set to alert you whenever someone completes a form submission, so you can take immediate follow-up action if needed. But, more importantly, because the forms and landing page tools are an integral part of the Smart Messenger platform, it’s easy to set up email automation so your new contact automatically receives a series of emails over a period you specify, once they’ve submitted their information via your form.

Automating the follow-up process means you won’t have to intervene personally each time someone completes your form – unless you want to, of course. You can leave Smart Messenger to nurture your contact with a series of tailored emails that will be automatically selected and sent by the system depending on how the recipient interacts with the previous email they received.

How landing pages and automation can help grow your business

Here’s an example of how a holiday company could use Smart Messenger’s landing page builder and email automation function to follow up with contacts who have provided their information via the web form:

The company wants to run a promotion to raise awareness of its holiday properties and drive bookings. They are already sending regular communications to their existing database using Smart Messenger, but they want to grow that database and increase conversions. They decide to build a landing page using Smart Messenger’s drag-and-drop, hassle free landing pages and form builder tools to create a simple, but effective landing page that is perfectly on brand, gives a flavour of the beautiful holiday properties they offer and incorporates a short form for visitors to complete to request an e-brochure. They promote the link to the landing page on all their marketing activities, including social posts on Facebook and Instagram, to drive traffic to the page.

The marketing manager has set up an automated email flow within Smart Messenger, so that each time a visitor lands on the page and completes the online form they receive an introductory email containing a link to the holiday company’s e-brochure, followed by two or three follow-up emails a few days or weeks apart. Several different versions of the automated follow-up emails – each tailored to suit different interaction scenarios by the recipient – have been carefully crafted to encourage the prospective holidaymaker to engage with the company. Smart Messenger will use the automation rules set by the marketing manager to send the appropriate follow-on emails at the specified intervals, the selection of each email being automatically determined by how the recipient interacted with the previous communication sent. In this way, the company can establish an intelligent automated dialogue that leads the prospect to make a booking.

The holiday company has access to full reporting tools within Smart Messenger to monitor the success of the campaign. They can also make tweaks and enhancements to their landing page and form to improve conversion rates, and duplicate and adapt existing campaigns to target different audiences.

Cost-effective, joined up marketing campaigns

Smart Messenger provides a powerful and cost-effective way for all types of organisation, including small businesses and larger firms, to strengthen relationships with prospects and clients through easy-to-manage email and text marketing campaigns, as well as via its database tools and form builders. The form and landing page builder tools are included within the Smart Messenger Pro package, which costs £30 per month, plus a one-off £199 set-up fee.

If you don’t have the time to create your own designs, our in-house team offers a bespoke template design service for forms, landing pages and emails priced at £149 each. We can also set up custom ‘from’ email addresses and custom tracking domains for your forms and landing pages.

View Pricing Plans for more information.

Fully supported, UK-based service

The Smart Messenger service is provided by our friendly UK-based team of email marketing experts, designers and developers, all situated in the beautiful city of Norwich. We have built an enviable reputation and a large customer base of long-standing and satisfied clients, thanks to our dedication to providing first class customer service at all times. We have a ‘Just Call Us’ support ethos which means clients are encouraged to pick up the phone and speak to us any time they need help, rather than struggle alone.

Free Smart Messenger training is automatically offered as part of our service and all clients have unlimited access to a dedicated account manager to help with any follow on queries or best-practice advice.

If you’re interested in finding out how Smart Messenger could support your business, please call me on 01603 858250 for a chat or to arrange a no-obligation demo - I'd love to help!  Alternatively, why not connect on LinkedIn or enquire via the form below?

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