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Text Messaging Is Low Cost, High Impact

Affordable for all – and flexible for your bespoke needs

The great thing about text message marketing is that it’ll work for you, no matter how big or small your business may be. It doesn’t matter if you are a beauty therapist sending out personalised appointment reminders to this week’s customers, or an event organiser scheduling a few thousand promotional texts. Better yet, the cost of SMS is much lower than other forms of marketing.


Get maximum bang for your buck

Our text messaging platform gives access to cutting-edge functionality. Add your content, create trackable links, personalise your messages and more. Remember, if you get stuck at any point, your dedicated account manager will provide unlimited support so you can make your campaigns a success.


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Text Messaging Is Low Cost, High Impact
Instantly Gets Your Message Across

Instantly Gets Your Message Across

Drive traffic to your business by reaching your customers via SMS

Text marketing is a phenomenal way for businesses to connect with their customers and target their audience directly. Over 98% of texts are opened, which means your recipients will almost certainly read what you have to say (90% of texts are opened within 3 minutes of sending, on average). Used responsibly, this low-cost, high-impact approach is a powerful tool in your marketing armoury.


Build brand loyalty, improve customer experience, reap rewards 

You can use text messaging for a myriad of applications – whether you are sending customer updates, personalised vouchers, surveys, event reminders or any other type of notification. Deliver information in real-time to build an excellent service reputation as you notify customers of delivery of orders step-by-step and manage their expectations. Good communication helps strengthen the relationship between your brand and customers.


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A Solution That Will Meet Every Business's Needs

Join the diverse range of clients already using Smart Messengers SMS service

We’re proud to provide a service that works as well for entry-level marketeers as seasoned professionals. There is a range of solutions you can deploy, whether you need to send 50 text messages or 500,000. We work with clients running bespoke beauty salons to nationwide delivery providers and everything in between.


How could you use SMS text message marketing?

If you run a garage, you might want to remind customers that their MOT is due, your holiday company could use SMS to regularly promote the latest destination deals, or perhaps your delivery business likes to update customers on when to expect their parcel. You might be running a conference with several thousand delegates or be sending special offers to loyal customers of your coffee shop. No matter what you want to say, 98% of recipients will open your text message.


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A Solution That Will Meet Every Businesses’ Needs
Take Advantage Of Our Fully Featured Platform

Take Advantage Of Our Fully Featured Platform

Create campaigns that’ll engage your target market

You’ll discover a myriad of features on the Smart Messenger SMS platform to help you create and boost your campaign. It’s easy to design your texts with our easy editor, or you can take advantage of our bespoke design service. Great design works brilliantly with personalisation and targeting strategies, all of which you have access to on Smart Messenger.


Automate, interrogate the data and get results

Automate campaigns for new customers, target existing subscribers and learn valuable insights from our detailed reporting. The SMS suite of tools contains everything you need to put your marketing strategies into action, plus learn what’s working and what you need to tweak with the analytics.


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You Can Rely On Our Unlimited Support

The Smart Messenger team can give you the answers you’re looking for

Text message marketing is new to many of our clients, which is why we’ll be there every step of the way as you create your first campaign. The friendly, expert team here provide unlimited support, so even if you hit a snag later down the line, we’re on hand.


An Account Manager dedicated to you – and your business

We know happy customers stick around, so we’ll go over and above to ensure our service is everything you need it to be. We’ll assign you a dedicated UK-based Account Manager who’ll make it their business to find out what you need and give you the pro tips you require to get great results.


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You Can Rely On Our Unlimited Support