Smart Messenger: Curlyworm Creative's Trusted Platform for Email Marketing Success

Jordan Domin-Goddard, Curlyworm Creative: "The Smart Messenger system is brilliant. It has the professional features I require and it's simple to use and easy to navigate."

 Smart Messenger - Curlyworm Creative's Trusted Platform for Email Marketing Success


Curlyworm Creative, a Norfolk-based, family-run agency, offers a range of services to help businesses effectively manage their social media presence and enhance their online brand. Their services include social media management, copywriting, and graphic design. Led by Jordan Domin-Goddard, alongside her husband Liam and brother Austen, Curlyworm caters to a wide variety of clients, from associations to food and drink businesses.


For the past two years, Curlyworm Creative has trusted Smart Messenger as their email marketing platform of choice. Jordan uses the platform on a weekly basis to promote her social media expertise and send regular updates to her subscribers. In addition, Smart Messenger serves as a vital tool for Jordan to manage email campaigns on behalf of clients, including a well-known medical association that depends on the platform for sending monthly newsletters and event updates to members. Jordan's familiarity with Smart Messenger extends beyond Curlyworm, as she used the platform previously in a marketing role at the Norfolk Chambers of Commerce.

Challenges Faced

Before adopting Smart Messenger for her business, Jordan tried other email marketing platforms, including Mailchimp. However, she found these alternatives lacking in comparison to her positive experiences with Smart Messenger. They were less intuitive and the absence of personalised support was a major disadvantage. Jordan sought a user-friendly platform that not only delivered the professional features she required, but also provided accessible and dependable assistance from real people. She found this in Smart Messenger.

Solutions with Smart Messenger

Jordan's positive experiences with Smart Messenger in her previous role led her to select the platform for her own business. The comprehensive functionality of Smart Messenger allows her to manage campaigns seamlessly, both for Curlyworm and its clients. The unlimited phone support provided by the Smart Messenger team ensures she can obtain immediate assistance whenever needed.

"The Smart Messenger system is brilliant. It has the professional features I require and, at the same time, it's simple to use and easy to navigate," Jordan explains. "A huge advantage of working with Smart Messenger is that I have my own account manager, who I can call whenever I need practical support or advice on my campaigns," she continues.

Key Benefits and Impact

Smart Messenger's features have had a significant impact on Jordan's email marketing campaigns, including:

  1. Streamlined campaign management
    The email template library, a standout feature for Jordan, saves time by allowing her to duplicate and modify previous templates for creating new campaigns, removing the need to start from scratch every time. She explains: "I really like the email template library, where all my past designs are stored. Duplicating and adjusting previous templates makes it much quicker to create new campaigns and maintain a consistent look and feel across my emails."
  2. Exceptional customer support
    The availability of unlimited phone support from the Smart Messenger team enables Jordan to overcome challenges swiftly and receive expert guidance when needed. "If I ever need assistance, I can simply pick up the phone and speak to Smart Messenger's friendly and knowledgeable team. This saves me valuable time compared to searching for answers online, as I've had to do with other email platforms that lack the same level of support as Smart Messenger.”
  3. Powerful analytics and reporting
    Smart Messenger's comprehensive analytics and reporting features provide useful insights, allowing Jordan to make data-driven decisions and optimise future campaigns. One feature she finds particularly helpful is the Engagement Timeline: "It's easy to access and allows me to view the performance of multiple campaigns simultaneously. I can quickly see which emails have had the most engagement and determine the optimum times and days of the week to send future campaigns based on past results.”
  4. Reliable performance and deliverability
    Jordan is very satisfied with the performance of the Smart Messenger platform. She explains, "The Smart Messenger system always performs exceptionally well, ensuring my emails reach their intended recipients without issues. The platform's consistent performance maximises the impact of my campaigns and gives me peace of mind, knowing my emails are being delivered reliably and professionally.”


Smart Messenger has proven to be an indispensable tool for Curlyworm Creative, enabling Jordan to manage the agency’s email marketing campaigns effectively and provide excellent support to their clients. With its intuitive campaign management tools, reliable performance and superior customer service, Smart Messenger plays an important role in driving engagement and achieving marketing goals for Curlyworm and its clients.

Jordan concludes: “Smart Messenger provides exactly what we need for our business. Its professional features and user-friendly interface, combined with unlimited phone support from friendly experts, make Smart Messenger an outstanding email marketing solution for our agency.”

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