BADS Enhances Day Surgery Support with Smart Messenger's Services

David Bunting, BADS: “Smart Messenger's integrated web forms and automated workflows have significantly streamlined our membership processes."


The British Association of Day Surgery (BADS) is the UK’s advocate for advancing day surgery practices. It brings together a multidisciplinary community of healthcare professionals, including surgeons, nurses, and managers, with a focus on promoting excellence, education, and expanding day surgery across the UK.

Recognising the value of employing digital tools to support their objectives, BADS has used Smart Messenger's UK Email Marketing platform for several years to enhance their communication strategies and streamline essential membership processes.

Challenges Faced

BADS needed an effective means of communicating with its members. Regular communications form an essential part of the Association’s work and include updates about forthcoming events, sharing valuable resources and insights relating to the field of day surgery.

In addition, BADS wanted to simplify new member registration and renewals processes to provide a smooth experience for members and reduce the strain on BADS' resources.

To tackle these challenges, BADS sought a professional email marketing solution to handle member communications and a means of automating membership processes that would integrate seamlessly with their website.

Solutions With Smart Messenger

To address their needs, the Association turned to the Smart Messenger Email Marketing platform. This versatile tool provides a comprehensive solution for enhancing communication and automating essential membership processes.

Enhanced Communication Strategy

With Smart Messenger, BADS has a powerful email marketing solution to keep their members up to date about news, events and other important information. The platform’s easy-to-use drag and drop template builders make it straightforward to produce regular communications with engaging content and a consistent, professional feel.

With help from the team at Smart Messenger, BADS recently introduced a monthly magazine-style email newsletter, reshaping how BADS communicates with members. This new approach aims to strengthen engagement and foster a greater sense of community among healthcare professionals passionate about advancing day surgery practices.

Efficient Membership Management

BADS required an efficient solution to manage membership registrations and renewals, reducing manual workload and enhancing member satisfaction.

Smart Messenger’s web form builder and automated workflow features have proved invaluable in this respect. As a result, membership registrations and annual renewals are now all handled through the BADS website, driven by a seamless Smart Messenger integration. New members register via a user-friendly sign-up form on the website. From there, the platform handles the rest of the process, sending out automatic welcome emails and timely renewal reminders. In addition, member details are automatically added to the BADS mailing list within Smart Messenger, while fully complying with data privacy regulations.

The streamlined approach provided by Smart Messenger saves time and resources for BADS, enabling them to focus on their core mission of promoting excellence and education in day surgery, while ensuring an effortless membership process for their members.

To find out more about BADS' commitment to excellence and education in day surgery in the UK, visit BADS’ website.

What Our Client Said

“Smart Messenger is our reliable platform for providing professional email updates to members, while its integrated web forms and automated workflows have significantly streamlined our membership processes. This allows us to channel more energy into advancing the Association's objectives and less into administrative tasks.”

David Bunting, President of the British Association of Day Surgery (BADS)

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