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Paul Felton, Takethatphoto: "Smart Messenger provided a solution where others couldn’t. Their support is superb and they're always willing to assist whenever we need help."


Takethatphoto is the UK’s leading event photography specialist. Established for more than 15 years, they work with some of the world’s biggest brands, national sporting bodies and over 85 UK universities. They focus on creating memorable moments and providing an exceptional customer experience.


Takethatphoto relies on SuperSaas appointment scheduling software for managing online bookings for their photoshoots. While the software is effective, they encountered frustrating limitations with its communication features. Default booking confirmation emails are basic text-only messages, lacking customisation options.

Seeking a solution that would enable them to send customised emails that reflect their brand, Takethatphoto explored integration options with platforms like Mailchimp, Active Campaign, and SendGrid. However, they found it difficult to integrate these platforms with the booking system and inadequate support from the respective firms made progress impossible.


Turning to Smart Messenger, Takethatphoto found a responsive partner ready to address their needs. Working closely with their client to provide a fully bespoke service, Smart Messenger designed a professional confirmation email template that perfectly aligns with Takethatphoto’s brand and implemented an integrated solution that seamlessly sends customised confirmation emails to customers each time a booking is made. These emails have significantly enhanced the customer booking experience.

The integrated system operates smoothly. When a client books through SuperSaas, Smart Messenger's Zapier integration instantly triggers the sending of a professional confirmation email.

Paul Felton from Takethatphoto expressed appreciation for Smart Messenger's support:

"The Smart Messenger team provided a solution where others couldn’t. It wasn’t an easy fix and I’m grateful for the dedication they invested in achieving our desired outcome. Their support is superb and having them readily available by phone whenever we need assistance is really valuable to us.”

Takethatphoto’s turnover has increased significantly in the past year and Paul attributes some of this growth to the seamless, more professional approach enabled by the Smart Messenger integration.

“Our professional, on-brand communications give students greater confidence to make a booking. Since implementing Smart Messenger, our bookings are up, we’re filling our calendars quicker and turnover has grown by 20% this year!" explains Paul.

This project showcases Smart Messenger's collaborative approach with clients, offering customised support to enhance efficiency and drive business growth. By assisting Takethatphoto in overcoming long-standing challenges, Smart Messenger ensured a smooth learning curve and swift implementation. Through Smart Messenger's integrated email marketing solution, Takethatphoto optimised their operations and enhanced their customer experience, reinforcing their position as industry leaders in event photography.

Customer Testimonial

"At Takethatphoto, we’ve gained 86 clients in 15 years and we haven’t lost any. Just like us, the Smart Messenger team offers the kind of service that builds loyalty, and we appreciate this shared priority. They have the expertise we needed and were willing to invest the time to create the perfect solution.”

Paul Felton, Takethatphoto

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