Smart Messenger: Powering Client Communications At Clapham & Collinge Solicitors

Hannah Begley, Clapham & Collinge Solictors: “Smart Messenger makes building emails a very quick and simple process, allowing us to send more regular updates to our clients."

Clapham & Collinge Solicitors Case Study


In the legal sector, where competition is fierce and reputation is paramount, effective client communication is essential. Clapham & Collinge Solicitors is a leading Norfolk-based law firm offering comprehensive legal services for businesses and individuals. Their marketing team understands the importance of maintaining strong client relationships through regular updates and legal insights. To help achieve this, they turned to Smart Messenger, a powerful UK email marketing platform that simplifies email creation and supports effective, engaging client communications.

In this case study, Hannah Begley, Marketing Executive at Clapham & Collinge, provides insights into challenges she has faced with email marketing on other platforms and the positive impact of adopting Smart Messenger at her firm.

Challenges & Solutions

Faster, More Intuitive Email Creation

Before using Smart Messenger, Hannah found building and formatting emails on previous email platforms a time-intensive task, making it more difficult to send out regular updates. In contrast, Smart Messenger's user-friendly interface streamlines the email creation process.

“The Smart Messenger platform has made building emails a very quick and simple process, allowing us to send more regular updates to our clients,” explains Hannah. “The entire campaign process flows smoothly, from crafting the template, adding content, previewing and testing, selecting recipients, and scheduling the send. This logical approach ensures no crucial steps are overlooked,” she continues.

The template editor, featuring convenient drag-and-drop content blocks, makes building and formatting emails efficient and easy. Hannah duplicates and adapts successful templates she has already created to generate multiple tailored emails quickly, ensuring a consistent brand image.

“The ability to duplicate previous email templates and adapt them for future campaigns is a real time-saver and maintains consistency,” says Hannah. “I also appreciate the ability to add clear, clickable call-to-action buttons that encourage engagement,” she explains.

Email Consistency Across Devices and Platforms

In the past, with other systems, Hannah occasionally faced challenges in ensuring that email content displayed correctly on both desktop and mobile devices. However, Smart Messenger automatically creates mobile-responsive templates designed to look good on all screens. Hannah also values the platform's preview feature, which allows her to visualise how each email will appear on various devices. Next, she uses the testing feature to send the email to different email addresses for evaluation. This helps her thoroughly check how it looks on various devices and platforms. This careful process ensures that Clapham & Collinge’s messages always look great, regardless of how clients read their emails.

Hannah continues: "I love Smart Messenger's testing feature. It remembers my usual test email recipients, which saves time. Plus, it tells me when they've opened the email, making it easy to seek colleagues’ feedback.”

Effective Training & Unlimited Support

Having encountered issues with previous platforms, Hannah was delighted to receive personalised one-to-one training when she first began using Smart Messenger. "I had an initial video call training session where I was guided through the key features," she recalls, "and since then, I’ve been able to phone and speak to a member of the Smart Messenger team whenever I’ve had a query. Their friendly team always helps instantly, with no waiting for callbacks.” This prompt and efficient customer service has proven invaluable, especially when compared to Hannah’s prior experiences with less accessible support services from other platforms.

Summary of Results & Benefits

Smart Messenger has delivered numerous valuable benefits to Clapham & Collinge’s email marketing programme, including:

  1. Efficient Email Creation: With Smart Messenger, building emails has become quick and straightforward, allowing more frequent and timely updates to their client base.
  2. Interactive Content: Clear call-to-action buttons have enhanced client engagement and increased campaign effectiveness.
  3. Improved Testing and Feedback: Smart Messenger's testing feature simplifies the process of gathering feedback before launching the campaign, bringing efficiencies to checking and approving emails.
  4. Enhanced User Experience: The user-friendliness of the platform ensures that the firm's Marketing Executive can easily navigate and use Smart Messenger effectively.
  5. Data-Driven Insights: Smart Messenger's reporting features offer valuable insights into email performance, enabling the team to make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement. Hannah remarks, “Smart Messenger's analytics features are clear and informative. The user-friendly bar charts allow us to quickly see how each email has performed relative to past campaigns.”

Clapham & Collinge's experience with Smart Messenger highlights the benefits of employing a user-friendly and feature-rich email marketing platform to support client communication and marketing. Smart Messenger's straightforward email creation tools, powerful features and excellent customer support have made it an essential tool for the firm, helping them to achieve their email marketing goals and strengthen client relationships.

What Our Client Said

"Smart Messenger stands out as the most user-friendly email marketing platform I've had the pleasure of using. The customer service experience consistently exceeds my expectations, offering timely, expert support whenever I've needed help with our email marketing. I wholeheartedly recommend Smart Messenger to fellow businesses seeking a professional, easy-to-use email marketing solution."

Hannah Begley, Marketing Executive at Clapham & Collinge Solicitors

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