Twelve Ways to Increase click-throughs

Firstly, what is a ‘click-through’ and why do you want more of them? Simply put, a click-through is when a potential client or customer clicks on a link to take them to your website, they are ‘clicking through’ to the desired page, such as a news article or a product.


There are some simple things you can do to increase the number of people clicking on your services, and with professional email marketing software behind you, it’s really easy to do. The advantage of email marketing is that you can instantly see what’s working and what to improve by checking the number of click-throughs over your campaigns.

Here’s our tips to get you started:

1. Include a picture

‘A picture speaks a thousand words’ and think, what catches your eye more, a well-chosen image or graphic, or a long piece of text? An image or graphic can grab someone’s attention instantly, and convey so much more information (so much more swiftly), than text alone.

Make sure that it’s in focus, makes good use of the frame and correctly portrays what you have in mind.

2. Send at the best time 

Make sure your email is the one your subscribers open by having it land in their inbox at the right time. 9am as people begin their workday is a good place to start, but have a play around and see what works best for your subscribers. 

Smart Messenger allows you to schedule each email to be sent at the optimum time of day for the location of each recipient. 

3. Create tailored offers 

People won’t click on something that is of no interest to them, no matter how good the product or service is - like advertising dog food to cat owners! Tailor your campaigns to sections of your contact list and create content accordingly. 

Smart Messenger allows you to have multiple contact lists and gives you access to powerful segmentation tools, so you can manage your different audiences easily and gain that all important click through.

4. Include a ‘call to action’ 

A call to action is something that prompts the customer to click-through there and then, for example ‘sale ends soon’, ‘limited time offer’ or ‘stock selling fast’. A sense of urgency and clear call to action can make sure that your potential sale doesn’t ‘wander off’.

5. Make it relevant 

Send the emails that your subscribers want to receive. Including information that doesn’t add to your brand or service will become irritating, even to loyal customers. People may become bored and delete your message, or even unsubscribe. 

6. Add a video

Video content is easy for your recipients to engage with and including video can dramatically increase click-through rates, so why not give it a try to see if it works for you too? All Smart phones can shoot videos, and you don’t need to be an editing whizz to make something engaging and entertaining. 

Perhaps a tour of your business, a demonstration of how to use a product or service, or a personal introduction to your account manager. Some people do prefer reading the instruction manual, but some find a video more helpful, and they are just as valuable people to have as customers, so why not include both? 

7. Make it personal

Smart Messenger’s email templates allow you to add your subscriber’s name and other personalised information to your campaigns. Tailoring your message to each person has been proven time and again to increase open rates and subsequent click-throughs. 

Even though your campaign is being sent to the masses, your recipients will appreciate your efforts with the individual touches.

8. Include relevant testimonials

An unbiased testimonial can be priceless in establishing credibility and trust. Make sure to include specific benefits that are relevant to your recipient and use testimonials that your potential customers are likely to relate to. Get them thinking ‘hey, if it worked for them, why wouldn’t it work for me?’. 

People are naturally more likely to trust a company if they have seen positive reviews that they are convinced of being genuine. 

9. Use an attention-grabbing subject line 

No matter how wonderful your email is, recipients will never click through if they never open it! People want to know that your email contains something of worth to them, so make your subject lines specific; no one wants to open ‘Take a look at our company newsletter’. 

Be direct, make sure that you are reaching the people who are interested in the content of your email and aim to invoke curiosity or emotion.

12. Make absolute sure your links work 

Using a wrong or broken link is an easy mistake to make and happens to the best of us. But even the most painstakingly thought out and well-designed email can end up looking unprofessional if a link isn’t working. If you’re using a template to build your campaign, remember to check that each of your links are current. Good email marketing software will allow you to send a test email first to eliminate mistakes. 

And don’t be afraid to send more than one test message either! 

11. Don’t forget your mobile users 

Your carefully designed email can look vastly different depending on which device your reader views it on. If you are not formatting your emails with mobile in mind, an email that looks perfect on desktop or laptop could be a struggle for mobile users to navigate. 

View your test emails on different devices to make sure that your mobile users will not have to squint to read your email. 

12. Check your rate 

Smart Messenger comes with a full suite of email marketing reporting tools which allow you to check your click through rate per campaign and even compare reports side by side. Keeping an eye on your reports gives you a useful insight into what is effective for your audience and what isn’t. You can then use this data to improve your email campaigns and enhance your click-through rate. 

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