A Guide To Email Marketing Planning For The Year Ahead

Autumn is the ideal time to define your email marketing strategy. Our helpful guide takes you through the key planning steps towards campaign success in 2024.

Autumn is a natural time for reflection and forward planning. It's the perfect season to reassess your email marketing strategy, build on past achievements and set the stage for outstanding results in the year ahead. This comprehensive planning guide will take you through the key steps to achieve campaign success. From evaluating past performance and enhancing audience engagement to defining clear goals and allocating your budget, these tips will ensure you’re fully prepared for the coming year. Ready to supercharge your email marketing in 2024? Let's get started!

1.     Review Past Performance

Begin by assessing the effectiveness of your email marketing this year. Analyse campaign performance data since January. Professional email marketing platforms like Smart Messenger provide clear campaign metrics that reveal which emails were most successful in terms of deliverability, open rates, and click-through rates. Focus on understanding your audience's preferences and behaviours.

Dig deeper into your data to uncover actionable insights for future campaigns. Compare results to identify the best times for sending emails and the content types that resonate with your audience. Learn from both disappointing and highly successful campaigns to replicate or avoid specific factors in the coming year.

2.     Consider Audience Engagement & Relevancy

Understanding and effectively communicating with your audience is critical to email marketing success. Here are some key strategies:

Audience Review - Look back on the year and consider what you have learned about your audience. Use these insights to inform future messaging and segmentation for more targeted campaigns.

Visually Engaging Email Templates - Email design matters. To boost audience engagement, ensure your templates are visually appealing, well-designed, consistent with your brand and optimised for mobile devices.

Automation Sequences - Harness the power of automation. Review workflows to ensure they guide subscribers effectively through their buyer journey, delivering timely, relevant content.

Personalisation and Customisation - Plan to customise emails based on recipient behaviour, preferences or location. Personalisation significantly enhances engagement and conversion rates.

A/B Testing - Incorporate A/B testing into your 2024 strategy. Experiment with subject lines, content, images and calls to action to identify what works best with your audience and adjust your approach accordingly to optimise email performance.

3.     Set Clear Goals

Define your organisation's overarching goals and be clear on how your email marketing will contribute to achieving these objectives. Establish specific and measurable goals to ensure your investment generates meaningful results. Consider these examples:

  • Increase email open rates by XX%
  • Raise the click-through rate by XX%
  • Acquire XXX new email subscribers in the next 12 months
  • Maintain an email deliverability rate of XX% or higher
  • Achieve an average email click-to-open rate of XX%

4.     Plan Your Content

Prepare your content strategy for the coming year by identifying themes, topics, and industry trends that are of interest to your audience and also align with your business goals. This strategic approach will ensure your email campaigns are engaging and relevant:

Identify Relevant Themes and Subjects - Ensure they align with your audience and business objectives to capture attention.

Create a Content Calendar - Develop a structured plan for the entire year to maintain a consistent flow of communication.

Vary Content Types - Include articles, product announcements, case studies, how-to guides and promotions to keep your emails interesting and valuable.

Build on Past Success - Revisit and enhance successful past campaigns for even greater results next year.

Review Less Successful Campaigns - Re-evaluate underperforming campaigns to identify untapped potential for improvements with a fresh approach.

5.     Allocate Budget

Q4 is the ideal time to set your marketing budget for the year ahead. Allocate your resources efficiently by following these steps:

Assess Past Campaign Performance - Begin with a comprehensive review of your email marketing campaigns' performance from the current year.

Identify Successful Areas for Increased Investment - Based on your evaluation, pinpoint aspects of your email marketing strategy that consistently delivered positive results. Allocate more budget to these areas to maximise their potential.

Reallocate Budget From Underperforming Activities - Reallocate your budget from underperforming activities to more promising opportunities. This may involve refining your approach, revisiting your content strategy or considering expert agency support.

Consider Team Upskilling - Assess if additional training is needed to improve results. Smart Messenger offers half-day email marketing courses to enhance your skills.

Explore Agency Support - If your email marketing consistently falls short, consider seeking expert guidance. Smart Messenger offers a personalised service with free one-to-one training and unlimited phone support. This is available to all clients, including those on the budget-friendly Lite plan starting at just £10 per month.

Fully Managed Services - For marketers with limited time to manage their campaigns, Smart Messenger offers a fully managed service covering everything from template design to post-campaign reporting. Contact our team for more details.

6.     Evaluate Your Email Marketing Platform

As you plan your email marketing strategy for the coming year, it’s important that your chosen platform matches your objectives and capabilities. Whether you rely on Smart Messenger or another service provider, your platform should offer a user-friendly experience with excellent customer support, allowing you to build and manage your campaigns efficiently. This might involve switching to a platform with better client service; a subscription upgrade to access advanced features or staying with your current plan if it already meets your needs. Making the right choice will support you in achieving your email marketing goals. Here are key factors to consider:

  1. Contact Management - If your contact list has grown substantially or is expected to, you may want to consider moving to an email marketing platform like Smart Messenger, which allows you to store unlimited contacts at all plan levels without additional costs.
  2. Advanced Features - Evaluate whether your email marketing needs have evolved to include advanced features like automation, which can streamline your campaigns and save time. You may also require more custom data fields to segment your audience.
  3. Personalisation and Customisation - If you need enhanced personalisation capabilities or require custom landing page builders, form creators, or advanced customisation, explore platforms that offer these features.
  4. Integration and Reporting - Check whether your platform provides useful integrations, such as Google Analytics, which can provide deeper insights into campaign performance. Also, look for real-time reporting capabilities for effective result monitoring.
  5. Scaling Your Efforts If you plan to expand your email marketing activities or are likely to need more powerful features in the future, investigate higher-tier plans that can support your growing demands.
  6. Cost-Effectiveness Assess if your current platform matches your needs and your available budget. A cost-effective platform should offer the level of email marketing features you need without incurring unnecessary expenses.
  7. Support and Compliance Consider the advantages of choosing a UK email marketing service like Smart Messenger, particularly if you are currently using an impersonal, global platform. Opting for a UK-based service means your account management team is readily accessible, offering responsive phone support when you need help. In addition, with your data remaining in the UK at all times, you can enjoy added peace of mind concerning both data security and compliance with stringent data protection regulations. These are reasons why many of our clients chose Smart Messenger when seeking UK Mailchimp alternatives.

Ready To Supercharge Your Email Marketing For 2024?

By dedicating time in Q4 to review past campaigns and plan your email marketing priorities for the year ahead, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running in January. Prepare for the year ahead by setting clear goals, refining your marketing strategies, and crafting a well-structured content plan. With these steps completed, you'll be positioned for even greater success in 2024!

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Smart Messenger offers flexible and cost-effective email marketing plans, starting at just £10 per month, that cater to businesses of all sizes. We provide free training and unlimited phone support from our friendly team in Norwich. Whether you need training, guidance, design support or a fully managed service, we've got you covered. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and make the most of your email marketing campaigns in 2024.

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