Add Interest To Your Campaigns With Gif Animations

Add a little movement to your campaigns and increase your click through rate.

Animated gifs are a great way to draw attention.

A tasteful animated gif can make someone take a second look and increases your chances of getting that all important click.

If your animation is too overt it could have the opposite effect - close down quickly and delete. So please no flashing yellow and pink signs.

The best use of an animated gif that I have seen (other than our own Christmas ecard of course) was a twinkling nose on a teddy from Build a Bear Workshop.


"Just as I was about to close the email
I noticed it - what was that?
It twinkled again - how sweet,
my daughter would love that!"


Take a look at the full email campaign click here.

Do bear in mind (no pun intended) that animated gifs do not work in all email clients so think about how your campaign will look if your recipient cannot see your animation. Build a Bear have a message on the image 'We Light Up!' which does the job if the image doesn't animate.

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