Holly Stibbon, Managing Director

For the past 17 years, Holly has been helping clients to develop winning online marketing strategies. With a wealth of experience and a passion for helping clients to develop winning online marketing strategies.  Holly is always on hand to help you launch great email campaigns and get the results you need.

What do you focus on when a new customer signs up for Smart Messenger?

Straight away, I want to get to know their business properly. I need to understand what their business objectives are, who they are talking to, and the results they are looking for. Once I know all those things, I can put my strategy hat on, and we can start planning their campaigns.

How do you know what’s going to work best for each client?

I’ve had a lot of experience! I’ve worked with businesses across many different industries, so I know how to hone their email marketing campaigns for their target market. There are tried-and-tested approaches that will deliver the results my customers are looking for. I’m always excited when I’m able to share that knowledge because I know it’s going to have a positive impact on a business. I get a kick out of helping companies to succeed.

What do you think helps your Smart Messenger service stand out from other email marketing solutions?

We pride ourselves on being a great alternative to Mailchimp and the other big platforms by offering a more personalised service. You can pick up the phone and talk to us at any time! I enjoy talking to people, to be an extension of their marketing team and to be there whenever they need us. I know it’s very reassuring for our clients – some people can’t believe it when we explain that our support service is unlimited and that you actually talk to real people!

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