Dave Hall, Creative Director

Armed with creative flair and a keen eye for design, Dave crafts bespoke email marketing templates that make our clients’ brands stand out. His creations help deliver strong visuals to support brand messaging that catches the reader’s attention from the moment they click open.

What is the benefit for clients who use your bespoke design service?

If you want to get your emails read by your audience, they need to stand out – and great design allows you to make an impact. Bespoke templates aren’t just about packing a visual punch, though, it’s all about how you communicate your message in a clear way that looks good. It’s about making it easy and pleasurable for your target audience to digest your emails, so they hopefully take action. 

If clients need help with campaign structure, design or making things work properly, are you there to support them?

Yes, I know that clients working with a new email marketing platform will want to ensure their campaigns work well from the start. I’m there to give them advice and guidance on campaign structure, getting the email to work well for mobile, tablet and desktops, and to offer design expertise. I’ve worked in high-pressure environments both here and abroad for engineering companies serving some massive motor brands. I understand how vital it is to portray your brand well, to communicate key messaging and to make sure you get campaigns working perfectly. 

You’ve been working with the Smart Messenger platform for over a decade now, do you ever come across an issue with the software that you can’t solve?

No, I speak fluent Smart Messenger! I’ve fielded plenty of queries from our clients over the years, and it often turns out to be something simple that I’ve got an easy fix for. Anybody who is starting on a new platform will run up against things they’re not sure how to navigate, and that’s why we offer unlimited customer support. It’s always gratifying to see clients get to grips with Smart Messenger and get great results. I’ve done so many interesting designs over the years, and it’s exciting to work with businesses from many different sectors. Each week I look forward to finding out who I’ll be helping next!


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