Smart & Sustainable, Christmas Emails Are The Perfect Festive Solution

Cost-effective, time-saving and eco-friendly, Christmas emails deliver an engaging alternative to traditional cards. Choose from our free festive templates!

Free Christmas Email Templates

Professional & Budget-Friendly

Seeking a more cost-effective and professional method to send your Christmas greetings to clients this season? A professionally designed free Christmas email template from Smart Messenger might be the solution.

With Smart Messenger email marketing costing from £10 per month – including 1,000 email sends and a sparkling selection of free Christmas templates to choose from – emailing your festive greetings is a practical and budget-friendly option compared to sending Christmas cards by post. As well as our free Christmas templates, all our plans come with training and unlimited phone support from our Norwich-based team, so if you're new to email marketing, we'll be at your side to ensure your campaign gets off to a flying start this holiday season.

With the shift towards sending festive emails, gone are the costs of designing and printing cards. And time is freed up that was previously spent signing cards, printing address labels, stuffing, stamping and posting envelopes. Emailed greetings are also greener, with no need for printed processes or paper waste. Simply put, holiday email campaigns are an environmentally responsible solution that meets the need for sustainability, while also helping to save your time and resources.

Explore Free Christmas Templates

The Practical Value of Sending Christmas Emails

In the hustle and bustle of the festive season, sending Christmas greetings in any form can seem like a mere formality. But Christmas emails offer several benefits that extend beyond simple tradition. And, with Smart Messenger's help - including a choice of free festive templates with all plans - they serve as a convenient and valuable tool for businesses to stay connected, convey important information, and show appreciation to their customers:

  1. Strengthening Relationships

Beyond the usual transactions, the holidays offer a chance to reinforce connections. A simple "Season's Greetings" email is a way to remind customers that they mean more than a commercial exchange, they're valued and remembered.

  1. Sharing Essential Updates

During the festive rush, businesses often adjust their schedules. Sending an email informing customers about changes in operating hours helps avoid confusion and ensures a smoother experience.

  1. Saying Thank You

Acknowledging support from customers is key. A Christmas email expressing gratitude for their custom throughout the year can go a long way in fostering goodwill and client loyalty.

  1. Highlighting Special Offers

The holidays present opportunities for exclusive deals or previews. Using eye-catching templates in Christmas emails helps showcase these offerings, encouraging customers to explore and engage.

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Free Christmas Templates For Hassle-Free Campaigns

Smart Messenger's free Christmas email templates streamline the process of sharing seasonal greetings without the design hassle. With nine vibrant and distinctive designs available, clients can effortlessly create and send personalised campaigns that capture the holiday spirit.

Our collection of ready-made templates ensures a quick and hassle-free experience, providing a polished and personal touch to your Christmas emails. These templates are user-friendly, enabling businesses to maintain a professional and branded appearance in their festive communications.

Smart Messenger also offers a bespoke Christmas template design service for businesses seeking a unique email solution. Every element of a bespoke template, including images, colours, logos and messaging, can be tailored to stand out in crowded inboxes, ensuring your message gets noticed.

In essence, Christmas emails aren't just about seasonal cheer; they're practical tools for nurturing connections, sharing information, and fostering goodwill. They're a subtle yet powerful way for businesses to show they care and value their customers' support.

To explore our free Christmas email templates and discover the potential of Smart Messenger's services for your festive campaigns, click on the link below. Make this holiday season count with stronger connections and meaningful interactions. Get started today!

Explore Free Christmas Emails

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