What Content Should I Create For My Email Campaigns?

As email marketing experts, we’re the perfect people to give you three top tips on how to come up with the content of your campaigns.

Help! What content should I create for my email marketing campaigns?

Content can be a big challenge for companies who want to get their email marketing game on. It’s all well and good to have a decent email list and the motivation to speak to customers, but what should you say to them?

Good email campaigns are all about value. When you talk to your customers, you want to inform, entertain and serve them. Be helpful, be engaging and be fun. But above all, make sure that everything you send is actually meaningful for them.

As email marketing experts, we’re the perfect people to give you three top tips on how to come up with the content of your campaigns.

Follow our guidance and you’ll be on your way to email marketing success.

#1 Find out what your audience wants to know

The most important content you can deliver to your target audience is the information they have asked you for. So, every time a customer asks you a question, make a note of it. You’ll soon discover that there will be quite a lot of overlap in what people want to know, and if somebody asks you something more obscure, they’ve done you a massive favour.

Once you’ve got a list of questions, you can start crafting a great campaign. You can send out a series of emails dealing with different questions, or group questions together by theme and answer a few in one go. Either way, by putting your customers and their curiosity to learn more at the heart of your email marketing, you’ll make it clear that what they need is of top priority to you.

#2 Empower them with your knowledge

As an expert in your industry, you’ll be able to give important tips, advice and insight that impacts your target market. Use that knowledge to create content that they can use in their work or personal life. This content can take the form of a guide (just like this one), a step-by-step DIY tutorial or an expert reaction into breaking news.

Sending an email full of value that your audience can read and then apply in their work and life creates trust and connection. The recipients begin to see you as their trusted source, a company that provides value and goes out of their way to be helpful. This strategy is great for PR and makes recipients far more likely to buy from you in the future.

#3 Use examples of how your business solves problems for people like them

There are two main reasons why people buy from your business. 1. You are solving a problem they have. 2. You are fulfilling an aspiration they have. In your content marketing, it’s a good idea to address both, but starting with 1. is smart.

As a successful business, you’ll have plenty of examples of how clients have benefitted from using your service. Take those examples and put them to work as case studies. Explain the problem your client faced, your approach and then the results. Be sure to get the client’s voice in there, so they can explain why their experience was so positive, therefore creating social proof for the reader.

Done right, your reader should put themselves in the shoes of the client and see you as a brilliant organisation to help them solve their similar problems.

Final Tip

One final tip for you. When you put an email campaign together, make sure you include a ‘read more’ hyperlink to direct people to your website. Having a mix of three topics in each email, with links to the full article on your website for each is a great way to drive traffic to your website from your email marketing.

In the email campaign itself, you can include a great headline and summary about the piece that’ll get people to click to read on. Remember, as you try and test your content, you’ll begin to learn more about what your target audience engages with most and tailor future campaigns accordingly. 

If you’d like any more help and advice about the content for your email marketing, do get in touch via the contact form, or on 01603 858250 or Enquire@101ltd.com.

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