COVID-19 Update From Smart Messenger

Here at Smart Messenger, we are taking steps to ensure business as usual.

Covid-19 Update

The Corona Virus (COVID-19) is now officially considered a moderate risk to the UK. By now, we’re sure you’ve put plans in place for how your business will continue to operate – but have you reached out to your clients, suppliers and other contacts? 

Sending an email to your contacts to update them with your plans is a positive step to show how your business is being responsible and the plans you have in place should the need arise. Smart Messenger is a quick and effective way to send these emails and keep records of those you have reached out to. 

If you need assistance with sending out a campaign around this topic, we will be happy to help you, so please get in touch

Top Tips: 

  • Send to all your clients, suppliers and potential visitors to ensure that all potential contacts have been notified.
  • Inform them of any overall changes that may be in place, for example, around site visits or staff working from home.
  • Advise of specific procedures that are now in place, such as hand washing policies, physical contact or screening of visitors.

Here at Smart Messenger, we are taking steps to ensure business as usual.

The current advice from the Government is that the majority of people should be going about their daily business. However, this is a fast-paced environment and the advice is changing rapidly. We have a layered plan to ensure that the services we provide to you will remain fully available. 

  • At the moment the office remains open but we have stepped up hygiene, including regular hand washing.
  • We have advised staff attending events and meetings that handshaking is not recommended.
  • We ask that you do not visit our offices if you feel unwell, have been advised to self-isolate, or have recently visited any of the regions identified in the current government guidelines.
  • The latest government information is available on the government website 

Our services and office operations will continue to operate as normal but we will continue to monitor the situation as it develops.

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