Gain More Opens By Using Your Pre-Header

Hard working pre headers are just as important as attractive subject lines.

Your pre header can be just as important as your subject line.

All email clients display the pre header differently with some email clients not showing them at all.

Mobile pre-header

Here is an example of how emails look in the inbox of an iPhone.

The first line is the person/company (friendly from).

Next, is the subject line and underneath this is the pre header.

Looking at the examples here, which would you open? Who is using their friendly from, subject line and pre header to capture your attention and engage your index finger to click?

You can see how easy it is to waste your pre header. Take Eastern Daily Press for example, their subject line is spot on but their pre header is a waste valuable space. If you don't want to read the story in the subject line, you won't open their email. However if the pre header had a second and possibly a third headline, these may be of interest and encourage you to open.

Shopitze have personalised their pre header 'Hi Holly' and the Ashford Designer Outlet have added occasions you may like to dress up for, adding weight to their subject line.

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