Are Your Emails Personal Enough?

Understanding is key to any successful relationship; this is even more important when considering the immediacy of a successful Email Campaign.

Does your email feel personal to them? Or is it simply getting caught up in the midst of unwanted emails they receive on a day-to-day basis? Like any other form of relationship, rapport building is a must, even when it comes to emails.

Think of your contacts as individuals, rather than just rows in a database.

Take the time to learn more about each contact.
Ask yourself, what does my contact do? How can I help them? What causes them to engage with my message?

Gathering this data may seem like a tedious task, but with the right time-saving techniques in place, it's simple, and before you know it you'll begin to achieve a greater ROI from your email marketing.

Data Collection

When collecting data, you need to have a structure in place.

Think about the type of information you should be collecting in order to create a better relationship with your recipients.
Where are they based? How did you meet them? What sector are they in?

You should use this information to give the recipient targeted and relevant content and keep them engaged.

Remember, even though the product you're selling might not vary, the people buying it do and so do their motivations.


Spend time analysing your reports and learning from them.

Reviewing your reports enables you to give your recipients want they want.
What content do they engage with? What device are they opening your emails on?


You might be thinking, I don't have the time to sit and write personal emails to everyone on my contacts list.

This is where segmentation comes into play. It's a quick and easy way to group your recipients together to provide them relevant content.

Give your links relevant names, so you can use these to learn which topics your recipients are engaging with and put more relevant content in front of them.

Take a pet shop, for example.
I've sent out an email with a variety of products for different animals. If make use of reporting and segment features to find out what my audience is engaging with, I can put content of interest in front of them and gain that all important click through. I don't know if they have a cat or a dog, by  looking at their interaction with products, I can easily identify which they are interested in. The addition of pet care tips helps give my email a sense of care.

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