How much are our email marketing services?

Email marketing helps you get in front of your target audience better than any other form of marketing. But how much does email marketing actually cost?

In the age of the smartphone, sending professional, targeted emails to your potential customers is the quickest way to reach them. So, what stops organisations from using this tried and tested method of marketing when they are guaranteed to get results?

It’s simple - people don’t know what email marketing costs and think they can’t afford it. 

This myth is one we work hard to dispel every single day. The truth is that as well as being highly effective, email marketing is affordable for almost every business. With Smart Messenger, we offer customers the chance to set up an entry-level Lite plan for as little as £10 a month plus VAT. 

Campaign Costs

Email marketing services pricing

That means for just £10 a month you can send up to 1,000 professional, personalised emails to your entire list of contacts via Smart Messenger. If you need to send more, that’s no problem, additional emails start at just half a penny each. See our pricing page to work out exactly how much your campaigns will cost. 

Better yet, you get added extras that help you make the most of your subscription. 

Getting to grips with email marketing is straightforward, but it’s always reassuring to have professional help at hand in case you need some support and advice. That’s where our Smart Messenger team swoop into action. If you have a question, we’ll be there to answer it, and there’s no limit to how many times you can call on us for advice. Your dedicated account manager will get to know you and your business and provide tailored advice to help you get the best from your campaigns. 

Excellent reporting is vital for any email marketing campaign, as it allows you to monitor, test and tweak your marketing. Even on the Lite plan, there’s a full reporting suite with real-time reports, so you can see what’s working well and what you need to change. 

Lite Account

Set up: Free
Monthly Fee: £10
Inclusive Credits: 1000

What's special about Smart Messenger Lite?
Unlimited Contacts 
Dedicated Account Manager
Unlimited Support

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Moving your email marketing up a gear 

If you think that upgrading your email marketing tools will break the bank, think again. Our Smart Messenger Standard plan is affordable as well, and it delivers even more functionality. 

On the Standard plan, you build automatic processes for your marketing. For example, you can create a series of messages that welcome a new customer and then send them incentives or offers. You could also create a sales funnel that drip feeds emails to your target audience, helping you to generate sales and build brand recognition. 

For £20 per month (plus VAT), you can send up to 2,000 emails to an unlimited list of contacts. If you need to send more, that’s no problem, additional emails start at just half a penny each. See our pricing page to work out exactly how much your campaigns will cost. We charge a fee of £150 to get you set up and utilising all aspects of the Standard plan straight away.

This enhanced functionality at such a low price is the reason that our Standard plan is the best value for money. You can connect with so many more customers, get data insights to help you understand their levels of engagement, send targeted email marketing campaigns and tailor what you send accordingly. 

On this plan, Google Analytics is integrated so that you can discover even more about your target audience’s likes and dislikes. The combination of real-time reports and Google Analytics gives you a lot of data to drill down into. You’ll find out what marketing messages resonate, the content that inspires action and how you can improve your next campaign. 

Once again, you’ll have our unlimited support and your own dedicated account manager, so any time you are stumped, we’ll be there to help you. There is a website form creator as part of this package, so we’ll help you make it as easy as possible to get people signed up for your emails. 

Plus, you have 30 custom data fields to play with, helping you to make your email marketing personalised and targeted. Imagine what you’ll learn as you look at what your customers are responding to most enthusiastically. 

Standard Account

Set up: 150
Monthly Fee: £20
Inclusive Credits: 2000

What's special about Smart Messenger Standard?
Unlimited Contacts 
Dedicated Account Manager
Unlimited Support
Automation & Work Flows
Google Integration

View Standard Features 

Targeted email marketing services with Pro

Our Smart Messenger Pro plan is for large organisations who want to get serious about their email marketing. 

You receive 3,000 credits a month to send to unlimited contacts, plus you can rely on the support of the Smart Messenger team at any time. 

But that’s just the beginning. 

On the Pro plan, there’s a whole host of extra functionality that’ll empower you to create exceptional campaigns and then garner all the data you need to develop and improve. 

It begins with advanced automation, which is vital for organisations who want to build dedicated sales funnels, specific customer experiences for different sections of their audience and create multiple automated email strategies. 

The set-up fee of £199 ensures that you know how to deploy every part of the advanced functionality on the Pro plan. 

You’ll have Google Analytics integration, the website form creator and real-time reporting, but there’s so much more to work with. 

You’ll gain access to advanced email campaign creation tools, advanced reporting and advanced segmentation. This trio of enhanced features all you to get granular with your data, use segmentation to send diverse marketing messages to different groups of customers and be as creative as you like with the look and feel of your emails.

Working with a Pro Smart Messenger plan gives everything you need to make the most of your email marketing. Imagine how powerful sending stunning, targeted emails straight to the smartphones, tablets or desktops of your potential customers could be. 

Pro Account

Set up: £199
Monthly Fee: £30
Inclusive Credits: 3000

What's special about Smart Messenger Pro?
Unlimited Contacts 
Dedicated Account Manager
Unlimited Support
Automation & Work Flows
Google Integration
Drag & Drop Form Builder
Drag & Drop Landing Pages

View Pro Features 

Can you afford not to use email marketing?

As you can see, email marketing is cost-effective no matter what kind of budget you are working with. Whichever plan you pick, our Smart Messenger experts will be ready to guide you through it and help you make the most of all of the functionality it offers. 

If you’d like to see a demo or talk about your email marketing requirements further, do get in touch

We’re ready to help you get great results with Smart Messenger.

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Our design team are available for bespoke template designs

Professional bespoke emails designed the way you want them, in line with your brand. Commission our design team to have bespoke email templates designed for your business. Your Account Manager will discuss your requirements and our creative designers will create a template that showcases your brand to its best advantage.

Landing pages & data collection forms made easy

Create Data Collection Forms and capture the data you need via professional forms. Smart Messenger contains all the tools you need to create data collection forms that look smart, professional and engaging. Our easy drag-and-drop editor allows you to design your bespoke form to your exact requirements.

Landing pages and forms are simple to create and no developer is needed. Just pop your form together in Smart Messenger and either embed the form on your website or simply link to it from your email campaigns, social networks or website. 


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