How Do You Monitor Email Recipients' Behaviour?

Do you know who interacts and who doesn't interact with your emails? Do you use this information to tailor your future campaigns to them?

Behavioural data is absolutely key to finding out what your recipients are interested in.

Behavioural data is basically who opens / doesn't open your messages and clicks / doesn't click on your links.

When you use this data correctly you can form strong relationships with your individual recipients.

If you identify a set of links with in your email campaigns related to a particular topic. Then identify who has clicked on these links you can send a highly targeted email with information that you know they are likely to be interested in.

In addition to this you could even further segment your data using the demographic data such as their location, business type, gender and age to really focus your campaign on a select group of contacts.

If you put the effort in to get relevant information in front of your recipients you will be rewarded by their actions and not to mention building a sustainable relationship with that individual.

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