Let's Get Your Emails Opened!

How to get your email opened and read Sending an email to your recipients is one thing, getting them to open and read it is another.

Competition is high, not only are you competing with other companies within your industry but with every other industry and his dog for your recipients inbox attention. Here are some handy tips to help you stand out from the crowd.

The basics - get that email opened!

A meaningful sender name, a click provoking subject line and a powerful pre-header. Use these to your advantage and they will work hard to grab your recipients attention and get them to open your message.

Keep a close eye on your email marketing reports to see how effective each email campaign you send has been.

Get it read and some ROI

Establish your goals right at the beginning, before you start writing that email. Now write those goals down and make sure your email meets them.
Look consistent, your emails need to be in line with all of your other types of communication, especially your website as this is where they will go next. Consistency helps to build trust. If your emails look totally different your recipients will wonder if your links have taken them to the right place.

Test, Test and Test again

Before you send your message out, make sure you test your message properly. If one of your links doesn't take your recipient to the right page this not only means that you may not get their business, but your email will lose integrity with the recipient. See our Email Marketing Checklist.

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