How to Use Dynamic Content in Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Dynamic content allows you to send one campaign with multiple targeted messages to each of your recipients.

Send one campaign with multiple targeted messages to your recipients.

Dynamic email content is where your email displays content that is relevant to the recipient based on their data.

For example if you sell clothing and and you know the gender of your recipients (also known as demographic data), then you can send one email out that will contain the latest men's offers for all your male recipients and the latest female offers to women.

Creating dynamic content:

Drag a dynamic content block in from the side panel


This will create a new block with no rules and no content.
Dynamic 2

You are now ready to start building your dynamic content.

When it comes to building your dynamic content blocks there are 3 main factors that contribute to what version of your email your recipient will receive:

  1. Default Content  - In our example this would be a mix of both the male and female offers.
  2. Variations - In our example you would create 2 variants one for female and one for male.
  3. Rules - In our example the rules would filter based on gender.

You can build more complicated rules based on other factors such as the age, location, business type or any other data that you may have for your recipients

If you want to speak to us about dynamic content, please use our just call us service and one of the team will be happy to help you.


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