Bringing Chapman Opticians' Campaigns into Focus

Laura Ross, Chapman Opticians: "Smart Messenger provides the tailored, fully supported approach to email marketing that we need."

Chapman Optician Case Study Quote

Chapman Opticians is a family-owned optician group with six branches stretching from Wednesbury to Cheltenham. Founded by the grandfather of current Managing Director, Andy Chapman, the company prides itself on delivering exceptional service through comprehensive eye and hearing tests and personalised dispensing. They differentiate themselves by offering high-quality products from specialist manufacturers, access to the latest treatments and maintaining a passionate commitment to patient care.

Email Marketing Challenges

Before Smart Messenger, Chapman Opticians' email marketing activities were limited, relying on a basic email module within their practice management software. This system could only send plain text emails or required manual HTML coding for branded campaigns, which was complex and time-consuming. Formatting was inconsistent across devices and there was no access to campaign analytics.

When Laura Ross joined the firm as Marketing Executive in 2023, it became clear that they needed a more robust email marketing solution. “With the old system, I was sending emails blind, uncertain if they were reaching inboxes, let alone getting any clicks!” explains Laura.

Switching to a professional platform was essential, with data protection compliance and confidentiality being top priorities, alongside ease of use and powerful functionality.

Smart Messenger Solutions

After considering different email marketing platforms, Chapman Opticians chose Smart Messenger.

“I’ve used mass-market email marketing systems in the past but, for Chapman's, we needed a more bespoke, UK-based solution. It was crucial for us to have the option to pick up the phone and speak to someone if we needed help. We also required expert guidance on data protection to ensure legislative compliance. Smart Messenger ticked all the boxes,” continues Laura.

User-friendly features

Smart Messenger has transformed the company’s approach to email marketing. The platform’s user-friendly email builder and customisable templates make it easy to create polished, visually appealing emails consistent with Chapman's premium brand. While all email marketing is managed centrally, Smart Messenger allows Laura to configure campaigns so that sender details automatically match each recipient’s branch, supporting their personalised approach to customer service.

Powerful automation

An essential feature of Smart Messenger is its automation capabilities. Laura can now set up automated email campaigns to inform and educate patients about cutting-edge treatments and other services, ensuring timely and targeted communication.

Intuitive Analytics

The platform’s intuitive analytics provide detailed insights into email performance metrics such as open rates and click-throughs. Emails achieve high open rates, often reaching 45-50%, along with impressive click rates. These reports enable Chapman Opticians to refine their marketing strategies based on real data, maximising engagement and conversions.

Exceptional Customer Service

By choosing Smart Messenger, Chapman's now receives tailored email marketing support from the agency’s helpful experts. This includes one-to-one training and unlimited phone support. The team also offers guidance on data protection matters, ensuring compliance and best practices.

Client Testimonial

"Smart Messenger provides the tailored, fully supported approach to email marketing that we need. It’s easy to use, allowing us to send engaging emails that patients enjoy receiving. Before, we struggled with email marketing but now Smart Messenger provides all the features we require, including powerful automation and user-friendly analytics. The team offers outstanding support from friendly experts and being able to get immediate help over the phone is a huge benefit. Our shared commitment to exceptional customer service and their genuine interest in our success make Smart Messenger a perfect partner for Chapman Opticians.”

Laura Ross, Marketing Executive at Chapman Opticians

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