Supporting DUET diabetes' Mission to Improve UK Diabetes Care

Lynne Reedman, DUET diabetes: "Smart Messenger has been essential in supporting our objective to expand the reach and impact of DUET diabetes in improving diabetes care in the UK."

DUET diabetes, co-founded in 2015 by Lynne Reedman, is dedicated to improving diabetes care across the UK through specialised training for carers, nurses, healthcare workers and professionals in the beauty and wellness industry. To engage effectively with their audience and keep them informed, DUET diabetes turned to Smart Messenger for their email marketing needs.

Why Smart Messenger?

Lynne chose Smart Messenger not only for its comprehensive email marketing capabilities but also for the invaluable hands-on support and personalised approach offered by the agency team. After attending a MENTA course led by Smart Messenger’s MD, Holly Stibbon, Lynne recognised the potential value of email marketing for her business. Although she was aware of other platforms like Mailchimp, Lynne was drawn to Smart Messenger because of the direct assistance available from real people, which she felt was crucial for her as a small business owner. The user-friendly platform and tailored support, including one-on-one setup assistance, made it easy for Lynne to get started with email marketing.

Efficient Communication for a Small Business

For DUET diabetes, having an effective email system is essential for engaging with their diverse audience and keeping them updated on developments. Given the limited time and resources of a small company, Smart Messenger offers an efficient way to share not only specific news about DUET diabetes but also relevant industry updates that add value for their contacts. This strategy has resulted in high deliverability and email opens, with excellent click-to-open rates.

Effective Campaigns

DUET diabetes uses Smart Messenger to send out newsletters that keep their contacts informed about the latest updates, workshops, resources and relevant diabetes news. The platform has been effective in maintaining communication with past customers and event attendees. For instance, after hosting an event, Lynne sends follow-up emails, starting with individual emails and then expanding contact to broader newsletters.

The company’s email marketing list, built through event sign-ups and a website form, is a valuable asset. Recent campaigns have included newsletters promoting upcoming workshops and services, including those commissioned by NHS Integrated Care Boards like Norfolk and Waveney, and Hertfordshire and West Essex. These emails not only remind recipients of DUET diabetes but also promote diabetes workshops across the UK from a CPD approved provider.

Smart Messenger Benefits

Lynne values the user-friendly nature of the Smart Messenger platform, which makes it easy to create campaigns. She also appreciates the ability to fully customise her emails with colours and images, enhancing their visual appeal, and the straightforward reporting dashboard which offers a clear overview of campaign performance. The reassurance of readily available UK-based support from Smart Messenger’s experts adds significant value to the service, meaning that immediate help is available if needed.

Client Testimonial

"Smart Messenger enables DUET diabetes to communicate effectively with our audience. The platform is easy to use and the ability to fully customise our emails means our newsletters our eye-catching and engaging. Assistance from the Smart Messenger team is exceptional, giving us the confidence to manage our campaigns efficiently. This platform has been essential in supporting our objective to expand the reach and impact of DUET diabetes in improving diabetes care."

Lynne Reedman, Co-founder of DUET diabetes

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