Email Marketing: Talk To Us About GDPR

When choosing your email marketing provider, you want to ensure that your data is in good hands. Our friendly in house data protection staff provide advice and answer your questions.

Smart Messenger is owned and operated by us, 101, our approach to business is to provide good advice and a reliable service. Since 1999 we have been assisting businesses from various sectors with their online marketing.

When GDPR first came on to our radar in 2016, we recognised that this was going to be an important consideration for our clients. 101 have invested heavily in data protection, compliance and security over the last two years. We undertook research and specialist courses to gain in house data practitioners. All staff have had extensive external GDPR training along with many in-house debates and conversations. This approach allowed us to send tailored communications to our customers to give them the advice they needed to structure their approach to their marketing. This included a regular GDPR email plus a number of focus groups where GDPR approaches where discussed and shared.

We are Cyber Essentials certified and all of our email marketing services are carried out within the UK and the EEA. 

For GDPR purposes you will be the data controller and 101 will be your data processor. We will provide you with a data sharing agreement tailored to the services and any identified data protection issues. This document is an important part of your compliance requirements. 101 can also help assist with any other GDPR issues you may have. 

If you would like to discuss GDPR to assist you to be in line with the new GDPR regulation, please contact us on 01603 858250.

In addition, there are a number of data protection articles on our main website which you may wish to review. 

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