Email Marketing Made Simple - Top Tips for Better Results

Improve engagement and get better results from your email marketing by following our simple top tips for well-constructed, more effective email campaigns.

A well-constructed email campaign can assist client retention, encourage repeat business and drive sales, so how can you make the most of your client and prospect data? Whether you're just starting out with email marketing, or looking to get more from your campaigns, the wealth of online advice can be overwhelming when all you want is straightforward guidance on how to create high-quality emails with interesting, focused content and consistent messaging and clear calls to action. 

The good news is, with the right email marketing provider, and some simple advice on how to get the most out of your emails, you can make your email campaigns an effective tool for improving engagement and driving business. Here are our top tips for better results from your email marketing:

Give your emails a clear 'call to action'

This sounds obvious but is often overlooked. You have a new product or service, so tell your subscriber about it, inform them of your unique selling points, make it easy for them to find out more by adding a link to the most appropriate page on your website and make it clear why they should do that immediately, for example ‘news just in', 'limited stock', '10% off’. 

Find out more about what makes a good call to action in an email campaign.

Make your email content relevant 

Get to know your audience and target different campaigns to different groups of subscribers, based on what you know will be of interest to them. Using segments based on location, job title, industry and special interests, for example, will ensure your campaign reaches the right people and keeps them engaged with your emails rather than unsubscribing from them. 

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Adopt a professional but personal approach

Customers want to know they’re dealing with a person or team, not a faceless corporation. That being said, being too casual can lead to emails looking sloppy and unfinished. Include names and staff photos, where appropriate, and make sure any images you use are sharp, eye-catching and all your links work! 

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Make the most of links

Speaking of links, be aware that your customers might not always want to be contacted by email and bear in mind that people may be more receptive to your brand if they see your presence in a variety of different places including social media. Be sure to give your subscribers other options to stay connected by including links to relevant social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and keep your social media up to date too!

Always test your campaigns - and then test again!

Many silly, embarrassing mistakes can be prevented by sending test emails to yourself and your colleagues before you go public with your campaign by pressing 'Send'. Use your test emails as an opportunity to proofread the content, check links and ensure all the relevant information is present. For example, have you included contact information? Are your personalised merge fields working correctly? Are the subject line and preheader effective? 

When you work with a digital provider like Smart Messenger, which specialises in email marketing and takes pride in getting to know its customers, you'll get a level of tailored personal service from a dedicated account manager that is unrivalled by huge global providers. With our unlimited, personalised support, you'll find it easy to set up your campaigns for success. 

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Keep your database current 

Gmail and other email providers rate campaign senders. If you get a lot of bounces or a high number of unsubscribes, your rating will go down. This leads to emails being flagged and potentially marked as spam. Using marketing software to manage your contacts list makes keeping it healthy easy. 

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Time your emails perfectly

You’ve crafted the perfect campaign to send to your contacts, but when should you send it? Getting the timing right for an email to land in inboxes can make the difference between an ‘open & engage’ and a ‘delete without reading’. Most email marketing software has reporting tools so you can see when is the optimal send time. 

Now you've read our top email marketing tips, why not pick up the phone and chat with us for further campaign tips and advice? Our friendly email marketing experts in the Smart Messenger team enjoy helping organisations with their campaign challenges and goals. We're always happy to give free advice and help you get going, or shake up your email marketing campaigns to get the results you want.

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