Email Marketing: Use the Data You Already Have

Do you personalise your email marketing? 'Hi Susan' If you do that's great, but you can do so much more.

Data, Data, Data! What wonderful stuff!

We all have data on our prospects, customers and contacts but do we use that data? Do we use it to get a better response from our email marketing? Do we use it to make individuals think we are a great company to work with?


It's time to change.

Take half an hour out of your day to sit down and actually look at the data you have for each person on your email marketing lists.

Most of you will find personal data - first name, surname, phone number, company name etc. You may also find demographic data - gender, age, location, business type etc.

This information can used to personalise your campaigns. You can insert pieces of data directly in to your message, such as your recipients name 'Hi Susan'. You can also use this data to decide which elements of content to include. For example you can include relevant information based on the recipient's location or business type.

You can also use this data to segment your data to target your campaigns. For example if you are advertising training courses in Norfolk. You won't want to send to people all over the UK, just the target area.

You can go even further than this using behavioural data.

If you want to explore opportunities and talk through the options, just call one of the team for a chat 01603 858250.

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