Our Top Three Email Marketing Tips

Handy email marketing tips to encourage open ups and get your email read.

Get your email opened.

There are 3 things which will have a major impact on whether your recipients open your email or not.

1. Who the email is from
2. Your subject line
3. Your email pre-header

Depending on your target audience your 'From Name' could be your name 'John Smith', your company name 'Sensational Services Ltd' or both 'John Smith - Sensational Services'. To choose which is best for you think about your audience, put yourself in their shoes. Are they going to be excited about receiving an email from 'Sensational Services'? Or is a more personal email from 'John Smith' more likely to get their attention?

Your Subject Line needs to capture attention and encourage curiosity. Questions work well as do time sensitive and other limits. Examples for good subject lines include:

  • Have you had your boiler serviced this year?
  • Early bird offer if you book before 31st Jan.
  • Last few places available.

If it is a regular newsletter you are sending rather than a marketing email avoid using 'Newsletter' or the equally dull 'Autumn Newsletter'. Instead start with your most interesting story. Revolutionary New Product Launched - Critics say its the best thing since sliced bread!

Lastly don't forget your email marketing pre-header. Use your pre header as a secondary subject line, as an insight into the contents of your email, don't let your 'view in browser' link creep into it.

So those are the three things you need to do to create an email which attracts opens! Wait there is a fourth...

Find out what works - use your email reporting and even split testing to see the impact of different from names, subject lines and pre-headers on your audience and then use this information for your next campaign. You could even use this insider knowledge to better target your offline campaigns now that you know what grabs your recipients attention - now there's a thought!

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