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Using Emoji's in Subject Lines ★

The use of emoji is very common on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter but few people know that they can actually be used in subject lines of email campaigns as well.

The use of symbols in subject lines can increase open rates, as the email stands out in the recipient’s inbox.

Common emoji's include an aeroplane ✈ for a holiday company or a heart ♥ for a topical email around Valentine’s Day. The main point is that the emoji is topical, either to the receiver, time of year or the product that is being advertised.

Now you might be thinking: ‘this sounds good, I’ll use them in my next campaign!’ but proceed carefully, only a very limited number of symbols actually work across email clients. If a symbol is not supported, it will be seen as an empty box ☐ or a question mark � which is not very appealing. Proper testing and research is recommended when using emoji's in subject lines, as using the wrong symbol may have an adverse effect on the open rate of the campaign.

Popular symbols include:

Aeroplane (✈)
Registered trademark (®)
Euro currency (€)
Heart (♥)
Quavers (♫)
Female (♀)
Male (♂)
Sunshine (☼)
Umbrella (☂)
Star (★)

Again, a word of caution. Bear in mind that these might not work in all clients so do make sure to test them before sending the campaign.

To insert an emoji into your subject line copy it from a website or document and paste it where you want it, as subject lines cannot handle HTML code.