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Why are Image Titles Important?

Not all email clients display images. An Image title encourages open's and engagement.

Use image titles to gain more open ups

An image title is a piece of text that describes an image, some of your subscribers will not have their images on by default, meaning that if your campaign contains images in all your recipients will see is a blank box.


An image title should be used to describe what your image is about and as a means to get your recipients opening and engaging with your campaign.

Adding an image title within Smart Messenger can be done in two steps.

1. Click on the image that you want to add the title too, choose the image title button.



2. Enter the description for your image and then click apply.

Alt Text

When your recipients receive your email it will show with an image title on as shown below, the example below is a very basic title tag. Ideally it wants to be more descriptive.

123 Header

If you want talk to one of the team about adding image titles call one of the team on 01603 858250.