Ensure your Email Campaigns are Ticking All the Right Boxes.

Do you ever get the feeling that you've forgotten to do something before you send your email marketing campaign out?

Here's our campaign checklist before you send your email campaign.

  1. Have you got an attractive subject line and pre header?

  2. Are all your links correct and working?

  3. Have you created a plain text version of your email?

  4. Do the relevant images in your email have links?

  5. Have you personalised your email? (i.e.Dear Joe)

  6. Have you included social share and/or social follow links?

  7. Have you checked how your email will look in different email clients?

  8. Have you sent a test email to a colleague for them to check?

  9. Do you have a ' forwarding address ' for your replies?

  10. Have you done a spam check on your email?


Want to some advice on your campaigns? Just call us on 01603 858250.


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