Get More People Reading Your Email Campaigns

You have created a fantastic email with a wonderful message just begging to be read. You have sent it to your contacts.... now what?

Wouldn't it be great if some of your contacts forwarded your email to their friends?

They may well do this and you will see this in our reporting. But you could get even more people to read your message.

By adding social share links to your email you encourage your contacts to share your email with their friends on their social networks this can significantly increase your readership and may even encourage people to subscribe to your emails.

If you send Susan an email and she forwards it to her 5 friends who she thinks may be interested that's potentially 5 more people that will see your message. If Susan shares it on her facebook page where she has 200 friends and you only reach 10% of these that's 20 people - 4 times more than she would have forwarded it to.

The social share buttons can be found in the building blocks section of the Drag and Drop editor in your Smart Messenger account

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